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Monday, October 21, 2013


The Hippy's are flowering J

 As is the lavender...

Succulent pretties...

 Onions have been harvested and left to dry...

I dug up some of my potatoes to make room for tomato plants and was pleasantly surprised at how many there were.

Seeds have sprouted...
Pumpkins, rock melons and tomatoes  J

Some cooking done for the local Garden Club...

 Baby sitting the grand dog...

When I went to shut our chooks up a few nights ago, our resident Sleepy's were having a lovely time eating our chook bran. It was just on dark when I noticed something near the food pan.  When I shone the light on them they thought it was time to scamper!

They were back the next day paying us another visit, this time they brought along a friend...

This one is for you Harry J

 Aww he went to sleep...

Hubby has been busy again making garden beds from old baths...

 Look what was living inside...

BIG Mama red back spider...

Healthy eating J

 Moon rising on sundown...


The heat has arrived with the temperature reaching
42C (107.6F) yesterday! It was a good day for sitting inside doing nothing.  Thankfully today is a bit cooler J

Wishing you all a great week J



  1. Here in West Virginia, our seasons are opposite, of course. We may get our first frost Thursday. Lovely sunset you had there!

  2. Hey, I came back to see the Lizard again and Lo! More pictures. I like that lizard a lot. My daughter would probably kill to have one, she raises all kinds of exotic lizards.

    It's a great relief to me to read our blog because I know when you write about little animals it won't end with you killing them. Here, it's got to the point where if I see a blog posting about animals I don't want to read it, because it's going to end with somebody shooting them, or trapping them, or poisoning them.....

    You take the most beautiful pictures, Tania.

  3. Whoops. I meant to say your blog. Must have been a Freudian slip because I am envious of the beautiful place you live.

  4. Lovely photos thanks for sharing them. Those sleepys are strange looking creatures.

  5. I think it is about time I moved to your neck of the woods. :))
    So much happening in the garden and those little blighters,don't they eat the chook eggs??..
    Love the Grand Doggy:)) just perfect wouldn't you say ?? :)) hugs pat..

  6. The hippeastrums are lovely, aren't they Tania. DH grew some from seed this year and they are very pretty. Yes, it is getting hot there. 42 degrees! It has been 40 most days where my girl lives and I think they just stay inside most of the time apart from her hubby who has to go to work :-)They have lots of geckos there which seem to find their way inside but nobody takes any notice of them....apart from me when I am visiting.

  7. They look lovely. I hope your getting all the rain you need. We are getting lots and I think it's time for summer to start. Another wet and cold Melbourne day here today


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