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Monday, March 24, 2014

Garden update

Some of our Summer pickings....

A rock melon I picked recently, oh so much tastier than the ones in the shops...

 The poor veggie garden is looking a bit barren and bare...


there are twelve rock melons forming on their vines.

A few beetroot

Ready to pick...



Lots of leaves but very small fruit...


The last of the cucumbers...

The Basil has gone to seed...

Tomatoes are finished...

As you can see there is not much to report from the garden. After all the water that was put on the veggies over Summer, they produced very little.  Probably because the heat was so extreme.  

We had a couple of very hot heatwaves with temperatures above 46C (115F).  These went on for a couple weeks at a time and the plants didn't stand a chance with temperatures reaching 50C+ (122F) on a few occasions. Even the plants native to this area suffered.  I lost quite a few plants this year that I had been growing well for years. 

We have made the decision not to have the big veggie garden anymore.  Whether we have it on a smaller scale is yet to be seen.  It has been a sad decision, but as we are at an age where we can travel around more to see this beautiful country of ours, we are going to do that instead.  So there wont be any need for a garden J

What about your gardens? How are they fairing?



  1. Just pulling up my summer garden and getting rid of the grass. Big job emptying those raised beds but i want some weed mat underneath and also a moisture barrier to keep the moisture in the bed and not draining out the bottom. Still have zucchinis growing that i put in in spring with several fruit on them. Beans seem to be hanging on but only till i take them out. Need a fresh start. I have onion and garlic bulbs ready to go and Jess from rabidlittlehippy has winter seedlings to give me.

    I would love to be travelling this country of ours but both Hubby and son(Aspie's) are stay at home boys - its their safe zone.

    Go and enjoy and report everything.

  2. Your garden as done well despite all the heat. I met a lady a couple of weeks ago when I was selling seedlings at the market. She was travelling in a winnebago and bought lots of leafy green seedlings to plant in a pot so that she could eat homegrown microgreens on her travels! Maybe you could do that .

  3. Travelling around the country sounds like fun! Glad to see some things survived the heat. I had not thought of growing my rockmelon on a trellis. Will try that next time :)

  4. Even though you may not have a vege garden in the future, you can be proud of all the things you have grown in the past and how healthy your food has been, homegrown. Enjoy your travels wherever they take you.
    Anne xx

  5. We have too much cold and water at the moment, well it might be ice out there at 24F. Anyway you can adjust the size and maybe concentrate on the crops that take the least care and water for your area and go travel a bit.

  6. that's why we decided to move house, just too much for us to handle with the five acres. We are still buried under a pile of snow here. In the minus 20's 0C this morning in Southern Ontario, Canada.

  7. I'm just getting our spring garden planted with ollas for the first time this year. I'm hoping our summer won't be as brutal as yours, but realistically speaking, it will probably be close.

  8. It was so hot here we didn't even try for a veggie patch this year. Also the same reason we could go away and not worry about it. I'll still plant a winter crop unless we are going to be away for weeks, at least in winter the rains come enough to not have to worrie too much.

  9. I am going to try to have a big garden this year if we ever reach spring. Today it is cold and snowing again.

    I have never had much luck with gardening but intend to try it for all I'm worth this time around. Maybe the problem last time was I just didn't work hard enough.

  10. I am a little late with my comment as I have been in Mt.Isa visiting my girl and her family. We went to a nursery there and the very helpful owner said to start growing veggies now and to just grow the melons in summer as the heat is in the 40s up there too in summer. I was thinking of you while I was there as it is an arid region.

    Regarding the microgreens when travelling I think Anne Gibson who has the Microgardener blog did a post on growing microgreens when travelling.

    All the best with your travel plans in the future, Tania.

  11. I still have beetroot in from last year. Leeks and parsnips have been planted and the asparagus is showing through the soil.
    Love from Mum

  12. Hey, things going ok down there? Let us know how you and the family are doing.

  13. Hi Tania, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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