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Friday, September 12, 2014

Come Walk With Me

It was a nice day for a Sunday stroll at Flinder's Lookout Port Augusta

A commemorative plaque marking Matthew Flinders exploration of our area

 Railway bridge in the distance at the top of the gulf

Redbanks cliff face

 Willy Wagtail



Vast barren country

Mt Brown

 Cliff edge

Looking back

Shingle Back Lizard on the run

 Tiny daisy wildflower

Getting closer to the railway bridge

 We discovered these were some of our friends walking down below

 Billy Button wildflowers

Billy Buttons

 Native pigface

 We reached the Railway bridge

The Flinder's Ranges

Top of the gulf

Bush track

 These cliffs show beautiful colours at different times of the day. The morning is the best time, when the sun is shining on them.  We didn't go until the afternoon.  


I found this video on Youtube showing an aerial tour of Port Augusta if you want to check it out.  This is where we live, and it shows Redbanks and lots of other attractions :) 

 Heading back

Flinder's Lookout car park 



 Train leaving the junction

Genesee & Wyoming Australia 

I discovered that my camera was on the wrong setting after taking these photos, so some of them appear a little bright J

Spring has arrived!



  1. So stunning! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. How beautiful Tania, love seeing the rest of Australia..thanks for sharing :))
    hugs pat..

  3. Lots of nice photos, I like the train bridge, it looks fairly new.
    Looks like a nice spring day.

  4. Despite it being so dry there you always seem to find some pretty little flowers to take photos of, Tania. My sister used to talk a lot about that area as she lived in Hawker for several years. Thanks for the tour. It was very enjoyable.

  5. Your pictures are fine.

    I want that lizard!!!!

    My daughter told me that Bearded Lizards come from Australia, and that for a long time it was illegal to take them out of the country but people did anyway. She has several bearded lizards.

    If I lived there, I'd get myself a nice four wheel drive truck with a camper and I'd just travel all over your beautiful country.

    Hey, have you seen "The Rover" yet? It's a good Australian post apocalyptic movie. It and "The Road" are probably the best I've seen of the genre.

  6. Harry, I haven't seen The Rover yet, but I wanted to let you know that it was filmed around here. We had movie stars among us :) I haven't heard of The Road movie, but will see if I can find it.

    The Rover hasn't been released here yet.

    We get bearded dragons here too, they are everywhere, just hard to photograph because they are always in a hurry :)

  7. What a lovely walk and beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us along

  8. The colours of the outback are so vivid. Thanks for the walk. All the views without the flies. LOL

  9. Beautiful tour Tania. It's nice to still have access to spring when my world is getting ready for it's long winter's nap.

  10. You always manage to capture the rugged beauty of your lil part of Aus so beautifully.



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