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Friday, September 26, 2014

Feeling exposed


Uh oh I have been sighted...

I'm out of here!

Go away with that camera...

I don't like being photographed...

I'll stick my tongue out at you!

That's enough already!

 You cant see me...

If I don't move, you might go away...

The sleepy lizards (shingle back) are out and about with the warm Spring weather.  They do like to keep under cover and every now and then a human wants to photograph them. These lizards are harmless unless you have them latch onto your finger. Apparently their jaws lock and they may prove difficult to remove.  I don't know how true that is and I have no desire to find out. So it is a good idea to keep away from the mouth area.  When picking them up, we carefully grab them just behind their head so they cant bite. They are very gentle slow creatures...

I nearly stepped on the second lizard as he was laying (hiding) behind a stray weed in the main yard.  He frightened the life out of me because I thought it was a snake.  Yes they are about too!


  1. We have a number of blue tongued lizards here and the other day I was taking a photo of one and asked hubby to position him a little better for the camera but he hissed so much that hubby gave him a stick which he latched on to and wouldn't let go of until we were out of sight. They do give me a fright as I also think they are a snake when they move suddenly!

  2. It looks like something you wouldn't want to mess with. I guess they eat insects?

  3. That one word SNAKE..... gets my attention every time....lol... I wonder if it is true the story of... if the blue tongue is around there are no snakes about..I like to think so as we have Tiger snakes at the block..:((
    have a great weekend . Hugs pat :))

  4. So good when you see them in the garden.

  5. Glad I didn't step on him when I visited the other day! :)

  6. I love these lizards. We don't have them where I live in Victoria, it's too damp but Mum has plenty in Western Australia. I saw quite a few when I was recently visiting. They like to pinch the cat kibbles and are waiting for the mulberries to ripen and fall on the ground so they can have a sweet feast.
    Anne xx

  7. I sent this post link to my daughter. She loves lizards. I like these lizards a lot, they look like they are very intelligent and knowing!

    I like ferrets , myself, but I like those lizards as well.

  8. They certainly are prehistoric looking aren't they and that makes them interesting. I wonder what your OS reads think of them.

  9. Indeed the time for these lizards to be on the move. We saw one at my sister in laws farm last week in Moorlands, South Australia. Another day I saw one in the city near some scrub. The one on the farm we saw later in the day at the front of the house having gone right around and was eating the African daisy flowers in the patchy grass.
    They do indeed look prehistoric .
    Snakes too are on the move with the warming up weather. At this time of the year they are shedding their skins and because of this are blind therefor striking out. ...this is something I did not know
    Alexa from Sydney , Australia


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