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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kangaroos on Show

Recently hubby and I hooked up the caravan and went away for a bit of rest and relaxation time. We visited a small country town named Burra, and while driving around the old Burra township, we came upon these Kangaroos. Hubby pulled over so I could take some photos of them.


 This baby joey couldn't get into mum's pouch quick enough, he must be camera shy J

There were a couple of Albino kangaroos.

The one laying down was the funniest sight.
Not a care in the world.

Ahh this is the life J

 A big buck red kangaroo, 
these are not to be messed with!

Not a very polite pose...


  1. Hi Tania! How cool so see them in the wild like that. I never have seen a white one! Hope you have been well!
    xo Kris

  2. I've heard that they're good eating.

  3. they are lovely, have a few families who visit here too, no reds though, not far enough inland for those
    glad you enjoyed the break away

  4. I like the animals in Australia. You have a lot of really interesting ones we don't here.

    Kangaroo's are fascinating animals. I like the Tasmanian Devils, too. The Albuquerque zoo had a Tasmanian Devil and some S.O.B. threw a brick in the enclosure and killed it. I hope the cops get the guy.

  5. Ah, to be as relaxed as the indelicate poser!

  6. Burra was a mining town wasn't it. Is that where the soil is red. Love the pic of the big Red kangaroo.
    One day soon I hope we will get to do some travelling to see Australia. We are so blessed with wonderful country around us...a vast land.
    Alexa blogging from soggy Sydney


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