Monday, December 8, 2014

The Visitor

Apart from people we have a lot of critters that drop in from time to time.

Whilst sitting having a cuppa the other day hubby noticed something moving in the tree outside.  Thinking it was a snake, he jumped up to see what it was. 

This is a Goanna.

He is from around these parts...

He was hungry and after baby birds in the gutter above the tree...

He slowly made his way up to the top... 

And hoping hubby hadn't seen him...

Eventually he made it up onto the roof. 
And in the gutter was this big eye looking out over the top...

It was quite funny as hubby was standing precariously on a ladder taking these pics. They were both keeping a good eye on each other.

All of a sudden there was a scatter of feet and the goanna took off at breakneck speed.  Down off the roof, a big drop onto the ground below, and boy did he go. GO ANNA GO!!

Hubby didn't know which way to look he was so fast!
And that my friends was the end of the photo session!



  1. Welcome back to blogging Tania. You've been missed. xoxo

  2. My daughter would have captured him and added him to her pets. She has a monitor and several beardies. Glad to see you posting again.

  3. awesome! they do move fast, well done for getting the photos, he was a nice size & a good looker!

  4. I love your Aussie flags. Welcome back.

  5. We have had a goanna, 2 echidna and a wallaby.
    I love it.

  6. Welcome back Tania...sounds like you had a nice break :)
    Fantastic that you were able to get those photos so close to home.
    The closest I have been to a Goanna was in the car driving along a narrow road near Merrimbulla which is by the ocean.
    There was plenty of bush and gum trees on both sides. All of a sudden a huge Sea Eagle swooped down and grabbed an adult Goanna that was just in the process of crossing from one side of sanctuary to the other. It was a scary but awesome sight.


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