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Friday, July 8, 2016

Throwback to March

Hello dear friends,

Whilst sorting through some photos I had taken over the past few months, I realised that I take many photos and never actually get to blog about them. 

 I thought why not just have a throw back to March, April and May and post about what I was doing at the time.

So this is what I got up to in March.

I did some things for myself. I enjoy doing this but unfortunately it doesn't happen very often.

I saw a similar idea on pinterest so gave it a try.

I also tried some card making.

This is my grandsons new pony.

 She just loves her new owner.

We went for a trip to Ceduna for a school class reunion. It was great to catch up with old school mates, and learn what they are doing in their lives.

Here we all are J

Op shops are the best!

Pretty doilies

 I fell in love with this tea cosy and pot. 
Someone has put a lot of time into making this cute cottage cosy.
And now it is all mine J

 And the teapot is pink!

 Some more pretty blue plates to add to my collection.

Could there be fairies in my garden?

 This plain one,

 turned into this...

Who knew toadstools were so cute?

Beautiful sunrises.

And sunsets.

Dried apples that we picked up on special.
I keep them in a variety of jars I have been collecting. 

Family fun time with a noisy game of Uno. 
We were all gathered together with a weekend visit from our daughter who lives in Sydney.  She came home to meet her new nephew.  
My souls sings with joy when I hear so much laughter from my loved ones. It can get quite noisy though!

My daughter doesn't have children, Can you tell?

There was also a birthday celebration.

The saga of the car continued.
It is finished now and up and running.

This was quite comical to watch.

We needed to get this part of the car out onto our block. The only access is via an entrance on the corner or our land. So with hubby, our son, his girlfriend and a mate this is how it happened.

The two at the front had to try and steer and brake this thing!

Out the driveway...

 Down the road, hitching our dacks up as we go lol!

To the corner of our block.


Had a rest and then off they go again...

Not far now...

Young ones and their phones. 

Eventually the chassis was placed safe and sound behind the fence in the chook yard.

So that was March.
Now for April J

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


  1. I adore that tea cosy too, so cute!

    1. That it is Cheryl :)

      Have a great weekend,


  2. Tania, I really enjoyed your snapshot of March. Family and friends get togethers are great!

    Your cards look fantastic! You did a great job. How sweet the teapot and cosy look. Someone has put a lot of love into that cosy. I also love op shops, especially as country ones have such treasures to be found in them. :-)

    Kaye xoxo

    1. Sometimes you can be lucky with op shops Kaye. I was there at just the right time to pick up these goodies. Other days I find not much at all. You are right about the little country shops, they do hold treasures within :)

      Have a lovely weekend,


  3. OH! that oil lamp is exactly what I have been looking for. I keep scouring secondhand shops. Pity they do not seem to make them new.

    1. We were lucky enough to inherit these two lamps. They did not have the glass top on them though, but we managed to find a place in Adelaide that made them . We were so happy about that!

      The lamps seem to be hard to pick up at a reasonable price, the antique type shops want too much for them. Even eBay ones are not affordable!


  4. Your cards do look fantastic Tania... and I too do love that cute little tea cosy.

  5. You have some good Op Shop finds there, Tania. I bought a couole of really heavya d good quality bread tins a while back at Lifeline for $5 each. When I went in there the other day someone had put the prices up and some cake tins were $45!!! Perhaps they are considered 'vintage'. They are second hand after all so why the exorbitant price? I find the prices at our Vinnies are always good.

  6. Good post Tania. You may not realize it, but you lead a very interesting life. And you take some excellent photographs!

  7. Love the tea cosy! You have been a busy girl.

  8. Love your op shop finds! The look on your daughter's face with the bubba is priceless! Haha! Lovely to see you back blogging:) xx

  9. I also have photo's of mushrooms....

  10. You've done a fantastic job on the cards Tania. Love your op shop finds too.

  11. There's so much to love in your post Tania. Family memories, thrift shop bargains (loving the teapot!), babies and daughters, fun and sun. Life is made of these things...not shopping! Love very much indeed. So many happy moments in time! Mimi xxx

  12. Good Evening Tania,
    I've been away from blogland for nearly 3 months and I feel like I've missed so much! The photos of your travels are stunningly gorgeous. I can't wait to see your finished crocheted blanket. And I agree, laughter from one's children and family is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.
    Many blessings to you and yours,

  13. Hi Tania. I like all your op shop finds. I like to look for old doilies too as I love the embroidery on them. My Grandma has a whole chest full of her embroidered doilies that I used to love looking through when I was small. You grandson's pony looks like a real beauty too! Meg:)


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