Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gone Solar

*I have edited this page as I had the wrong information about the solar panels.

Our solar system has 24 Kaneka 80 watt panels in parallel producing 1.9kw. It is coupled to an Outback Mx60 MPPT Regulator. Our inverter is a Xantrex 4548, set up with four, 12 volt, 100 amp batteries. Phil has it set up to sell excess power from the solar panels and batteries to the grid. He is currently in the process of asking lots of questions on what type of wind turbine to purchase.

A closer look

Some spare batteries he has scored.

Four solar batteries

The setup in our shed

Xantrex Inverter

New meter in meter box.
All the best


  1. Wow,24 60w panels for only 1.4kw.seems very inefficient.

  2. Sorry but you are right Anonymous. I just rechecked and that should have read 80watt panels producing 1.9kw



  3. I have 16 panels for a 3kw system so there are getting more efficient.I remember when your hubby use to be in the navy cadets LOL.

  4. Now he is curious and wants to know more LOL!


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