Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lamp Lighting Time

Last night was our first night with solar powered lighting. I found myself thinking I was wasting the power in the batteries when I turned on a light, so I decided to get out the old lamps and spent the evening with the two lamps gently burning.
There has been a lot of cackling noises coming from the chook house of late. The reason being is pictured above. Our new hens have started laying, so there are plenty of eggs at the moment. I have included a larger egg that belongs to the old girls and the smaller ones are from the younger girls.

A couple of my attempts at crafting. I made these a few years ago now, don't get the time these days. Once a month I used to sell some of my goods at a local market. The "kitchen closed" cow was very popular.
Hope you have had a wonderful day.

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