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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Decision making time?

I am sorry for my absence from blogging, apart from being busy with work and other things, the old bang along computer has got itself a virus and put itself to rest. So I am glad that I purchased this laptop recently, otherwise I would be absent even longer.
All my recent photos are on the old computer, luckily on a separate drive so they
are safe from the virus.
I don't have many photos on the camera at the moment just these few that I took last Saturday when we went to Point Lowly near Whyalla, South Australia.

Fitzgerald Bay is the home of the aquaculture enterprise, growing the yellow tailed kingfish. As seen in the top photo and another view below.
I had never been there although have known about it for years. It is a lovely quiet little place in which to camp and do some fishing.
Port Bonython is also along this road and has a natural gas plant for the Spencer Gulf.
Port Augusta does not benefit from this natural gas.

I have had a few things to think about lately so my mind has been in many other places at times.

I have been given the opportunity to do my Diploma in Children's Services through Family Day Care. An information evening was held tonight in Whyalla and now my mind is boggling with too much information.

Can I do this or can I not?
This is the question I ask myself.

I have plenty of support around me which is a good thing and it will probably take two years to complete.

Will I be able to make time for the study etc in my already busy life?

I need to make up my mind quickly if I am to apply to get accepted.

I will keep you posted.



  1. What a lovely area! I especially like the photo of the lighthouse.. it looks so quaint. :-)

    The diploma? I've debated over it too, and decided to pass because I just don't have the time.
    When it becomes a condition of employment, I might have to think it over again, but for now it would be too hard to fit it in.

  2. Of course you CAN do it Tania, the question is do you WANT to do it. I know what your feeling as this is something I have been struggling with for the last few weeks( I am lucky I have a little more time than you)I just don't know if I can handle the study & all the assignments.BUT what a wonderful opportunity you have been given just the same. You will come to make the right choice for you in the end.
    Good Luck!!

  3. if you think its a good opportunity, then why not? 2 years passes very quickly. it'll be done before you even know it!

    those photos are lovely! i wish i was in australia! what a beautiful country! :)

  4. If the diploma will benefit you in the future, I say give it a go. I guess you could always pull out if its too much. I am sure your family can help out a bit more in some areas. Just ask for help. It sounds like you'd really like to do it. Go on...jump in!

    - Joolz

  5. Hi Tania,
    What is most important to you? That is the question that you need to ask yourself. Then you need to work out whether it will benefit you in the long run. If it will, I'd say go for it

  6. Hey Tania, lovely beach and lighthouses, aren't lighthouses lovely? Congratulations on being offered to do the Diploma of Children's Services. I am currently doing mine. It is busy and I dont have an ultra busy life, but it is valuable learning, and great to have. Anyway if you want to know more feel free to email me.

  7. Hi Tania, Just a quick hello, I hope all is well with you and yours. It sounds like you are busy and have some decisions to make, I say go with the heart.

  8. You are a busy lady but as for studying you will mange it.
    It'll probley have days wher you'll pull your hair out at the frantic pace of life but it is just 2 years out of your life and much that keeps you busy will wait.
    Like cleaning! It just waits.
    All the best on these decisions.

  9. Yeh,I say go for it !!You will find the time.Ha,easy for me to say.Just do what you feel comfortable with is my only advice.

  10. Hi Tania
    I have an info meeting tonight about cert 3 and the diploma. I have my education assistamt certificate but need to do cert 3 for fdc as you know, so will enrol but I don't think I'll continue to the diploma - child care is really not what I want to do forever I must confess :)

    Good luck with your decision.

  11. Hi Tania! I can see your heart is for children and this course will educate you that much more. I am sure there will be many other opportunities for you later in life with this diploma. A busy mother can do so much and more. If it feels right go for it:)


  12. You have the most interesting posts! My girl has sent an email from Australia, and she is having the time of her life. The Vegemite, though, not a hit. Sorry to say that because it seems like some little insult to you perhaps, and I don't want to come across that way. I don't appreciate it when people visit me here in Indiana and keep remarking how utterly flat and not pretty it is. After a while, I feel like saying, "Hey, this is my hometown, you know, as in HOME." Anyway, she is over the moon about Australia.

  13. hullo:) if you have a link to my blog, Saint Philomena's Garden, please update it as I have switched over to Word Press. Here is the new address of the Garden:


  14. Beautiful photo's again. I wish you well with your decision making.


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