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Friday, May 1, 2009

Random photos of Australia - taken by Phil

Test driving the Rio Tinto Engines destined for Weipa, Queensland.

Meet Phil.
(better known as the worst half)

Now Phil is a Locomotive Driver/Trainer based in Port Augusta. He loves his job and gets to travel to some very remote locations. He has taken many photos over the years and I thought I would include a post on some favourites.

Some of the trains Phil drives are 1800mtrs (1.8kms) in length and weigh 3,500 to 4,500 tonnes. He gets to drive the Indian Pacific as far west as Cook on the Nullarbor and the Ghan as far north as Roe Creek, just out of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Camels crossing the track at Watson, South Australia.

Other trains he drives are the super freighters (double stackers) that go from Sydney to Perth and Melbourne to Perth. Phil drives the Port Augusta to Cook leg of the journey.

Double rainbow at Tent Hill, just out of Port Augusta, South Australia
Phil also travels to places like Whyalla, South Australia where BHP and One steel are based. He takes the steel and freight trains to Broken Hill in New South Wales on occasions.

Another rainbow at Olary, on the way to Broken Hill.

He also takes the occasional freight train to Adelaide, South Australia.

Ironstone Lagoon, about 110kms north of PortAugusta. This was taken after the big rains in December 08. Normally would be a dry salt pan.

Crossing the Olary Bridge with a storm brewing ahead.

We call this a Whirly, whirly but I think the aboriginal people call them Willy, willy.

After rains at Bookaloo, 80 kms North of Port Augusta in December 08.

Bookaloo, December 2008

This little statue represents the millionth concrete sleeper laid on the Tarcoola to Alice Springs line.

View here for a clip that Phil took while on the Indian Pacific on the Nullarbor.

And here for another train clip.

Wishing you all a happy and safe weekend,



  1. What absolutely brilliant photos. Thanks Phil for letting us see them.

  2. those are beautiful photos!!!! wish my husband and i could go!!!

  3. Great photos! Ive been out your way,a long time ago,I remember it being very hot,but beautiful !! Have you seen the movie "Australia" yet? Id love to know what you think of it.It really shows off our remarkable outback. I hope you are having a restful weekend :0)

  4. Hey Tania, these photos look great, you have amazing sceneary.

  5. Hi Tania

    I thought when I took the photo of the power lines, that you had one on your blog and I did think, hey Tania probably lives right here. Would have been funny if you bumped into me in McDonalds!
    Another time hopefully,


  6. What an excellent post. Would love to see more. Thankyou.

  7. Great photos
    Australia is so beautiful with many different landscapes



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