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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

God's Helpers

God could not be in every place
With loving hands to help erase
The teardrops from each baby's face,
And so He thought of mother.

He could not send us here alone
And leave us to a fate unknown;
Without providing for His own,
The outstretched arms of mother.

God could not watch us night and day
And kneel beside our crib to pray,
Or kiss our little aches away;
And so He sent us mother.

And when our childhood days began,
He simply could not take command.
That's why He placed our tiny hand
Securely into mother's.

The days of youth slipped quickly by,
Life's sun rose higher in the sky.
Full grown were we, yet ever nigh
To love us still, was mother.

And when life's span of years shall end,
I know that God will gladly send,
To welcome home her child again,
That ever-faithful mother.

--George W. Wiseman

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. Lovely poem Tania,I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day :0)

  2. Happy Mother's Day Tania
    I hope you were spoiled :)

  3. Lovely poem , happy mothers day!

  4. Hi Tania,
    Thank you for the poem - it was beautiful!

  5. That was a beautiful poem, thank you Tania.

    Hope you had a lovely Mothers Day I need to catch up on your blog :)


  6. Hi Tania
    Hope you had a great, relaxing mothers day. Lovely poem too.


  7. happy mothers day to you too Tania. Beautiful poem.

  8. happy belated mothers day to you.

  9. Happy Mothers Day Tania, this is a lovely poem.


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