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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gawler Ranges and Goog's Track Pt 1


Last weekend we went on an adventure of a lifetime with some friends from Port Lincoln.

Phil had always wanted to "do" the Goog's track. Map here:

Early Friday morning we set off for Kimba where we were to meet up with our friends who were travelling to Kimba from Port Lincoln.

After having breakfast with my parents we were on our way at last.

This is the information bay in Kimba, it has a beautiful display of pictures of the Gawler Ranges.

Phil all set to go, waiting for the others to arrive outside of the local police station in Kimba.

Out into the outback country of the Gawler Ranges...

First stop for a break from driving and lunch was at the Thurlga turnoff.

Recent rains have turned the red dirt to green with lots of wildflowers. How lucky we were to be out there while they were flowering.

A sign post, just so no one gets lost!

Off we go again...

Next stop was at the Pondanna Ruins..

Lots of activity would have went on here at one time.

The old chimney in the kitchen?
Not too many rooms, only two. One for cooking and one for sleeping.

Underground tank to catch the much relied on water out here in the middle of nowhere. Not holding much anymore though.

Above and below: This little ruin sitting out by itself would have probably been the shearers quarters at one time.

I have had to divide the posts otherwise there are just too many pictures. We had lots of fun and the weather was absolutely perfect for the four days we were away. Tomorrow I will post the next section of our journey when we camped the night at Lake Gairdner. This lake is where the dry lake racing is held.

I have spent the week trying to catch up with the washing from our camping trip. It takes so long to organise to go away for a few days, not much to make everything dirty and days to reorganise everything ready for the next camping trip, which I have been informed could be the Simpson Desert! (dont know what I think about that yet!)

I think spring is nearly sprung here, as yesterday was 32C (89.6F). There were strong winds with lots of dirt blowing. It's nearly time to get the garden ready for the vegies I hope to grow, and the flowers are putting on a nice display at the moment. Sadly there was little rain following the dust storm. A few spots and that was all!

So on to my news.

I am not sure whether I have made the right decision, only time will tell. Due to becoming very stressed by different happenings in my life and a visit to the doctor to find my blood pressure was up I have decided to resign from Family Day Care once and for all. I find it a very stressful job with big responsiblilties and I really don't think my mind and body can take too much more. It is disappointing that I won't be finishing my diploma but I have decided to move on and do something else with my life that doesn't cause me so much stress. It has been a lot of things combined that has brought me to this decision. So for now I am a stay at home mum for a while. I am sure my family will appreciate that I am able to prepare wholesome meals once again and not be so tired (and grumpy) at the end of the day.

Our son has also been having trouble at the school he is enrolled in, so as of Tuesday he will be going to the only other high school in town. As parents we are concerned that the same will happen there, I guess we will have to wait and see. Bullying is a real problem at schools, as it was back in my day, but at least they try to do something about it nowadays although most times the bully still wins.

See you all soon,



  1. Hi Tania
    I know you've been struggling with FDC for a while and you've had a rough year so far..... it seems like this decision will be the best for you and your family, good on you for making a final decision. I'm sure you won't regret it at all.

    Oh and your holiday looks like it was great fun.

    Hugs to you,

    (ps - my verification word is 'blestu' - blessed you - and you are :) !!

  2. HI Tania

    I really wonder bout bullies especially those who bully others at high school. The old saying what goes around comes around is true , most get their comeuppance eventually bit it is cold comfort to their victims at the time. I hope things are better for your boy at his new school. However you are right bullying seems endemic and even in a city with more school on offer, there are bullies everywhere.

  3. Oh Tania,

    You have had a lot on too.

    When I gave up fdc I was a bit concerned too but we pulled through and none of the awful things I thought would happen did happen. My children did appreciate having a full time mother.

    We had to go without things but looking back now, I know it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

    We will have to get together for coffee soon.

    I am also a bit relieved at your news. I thought you might be moving away.


  4. I have worried a little about both those things, your son's school and your fdc. I hope I was right and the alternatives are better.

    It was freezing here yesterday, but Saturday was nice.

    I am finding it more difficult too. I wouldn't be surpised if my blood pressure was up. I have been complaining of something that felt like my heart when I was under stress. I think after having a large family and a blended one, maybe we just need to chill for awhile? It is interesting.

  5. I meant to say 1st and 2nd families.

  6. Change is something we look at as a bit scarey...but its only change. Often its good. Be confident, I am sure you know this is the right decision for you Tania. Will be interesting to see how you make all your new discoveries with your new choices. Keep us posted dear friend. Marilyn xoxo

  7. Lovely photos Tania. The red of the outback with the green is just beautiful!
    I wish you well in your decision to give up the Day Care. At the end of the day, your health and own family have to come first. Having a child unhappy at school is a huge anxiety on its own. In the issue of bullying, it is good that schools are aware and have policies in place but just look at what they are up against- many parents take their child's (the bullies) side; some are putting up with abuse at home and venting at school and cities and towns all around our country and the world are struggling to cope with violence in the streets. High school is just a micro-society that reflects what is going on in the world, only without the maturity that for most people eventually comes with age and experience.
    Hope you have more of the good times and a lot less of the anxious times.

  8. Hi Tania,
    Congratulations on making the decision to quite FDC. That must have been a difficult one.

    The photos of the Gawler Ranges and Goog's Track are excellent.


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