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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goog's track, Mt Finke, Goog's lake

This is Goog.

He pushed the track through dense scrub and big sandhills from his farming property at Kalambi through to the north. This track has become popular with the tourists but is four wheel drive only.

(sorry for the sideways views of some of these photos, thanks to blogger)

Goog's plaque at Goog's Lake

Sideways view of memorial plaque of Goog's son Dinger. This is placed beside his father's plaque. Dinger was killed in a car accident in 1993.

Money tree near the plaques. Tourists and visitors bang money into the tree trunk.

The coins can be seen if you look hard.

The result of an extremely rough ride and somebody leaving the top of the barbeque sauce bottle too loose. Whoops!

Scramble eggs anyone?

Goog's Lake campsite.

Goog's Lake, it has no water but is one of the many salt lakes scattered throughout South Australia.

Driving the track.... Very, very rough,
and very good fun.

Wild daisies...

More of Goog's track.....

Wild peach (quandong)


Whoa, camel footprint near our camp. We never saw any camels in our travels but there was plenty of evidence that they are there.

Following along...

Goog's track....

Wild shrub in flower...

We crossed this salt lake on the way to Mt Finke...

Mount Finke....and wildflowers

Some of us climbed Mt Finke, but I was not one of them.

(will post more photos from the top of the mount when I retrieve them from hubby's camera).

We had mobile reception at Mount Finke, so we sent some messages off and made phone calls to family.

The wild flowers were just lovely...

Have a nice day,


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