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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Funny kinda day

The temperature today was 31C (87.8F).

In the distance I watch the dust,
it was dead calm at our place...
I thought it was going to go around us....
The clouds were very black and storm and flood warnings issued for our area....

Hubby was busy chopping up the tree stump of the tree that fell down in a previous storm.....
I looked up to see it coming....
A mad rush followed with me quickly grabbing all the washing off the line. I had not long finished hanging it up....
Some views of the dust from the top of our house....

It was coming from the north....
Black clouds on all sides of us...
It looked very promising....
Good I won't have to water the garden....

but alas we never got a drop!!
I need to remind myself never to ask hubby to help me prune back the Jasmine bush that had got out of control...
He started off with the pruning shears but next minute he disappeared and came back with the CHAINSAW! AHHHHH!!


  1. Your weather seems alot like that weather here in Colorado. I watched clouds all afternoon debating if I should try to get more laundry out on the line....and never a drop. Go figure

  2. Next time you mention pruning to you husband......hide the chainsaw.
    I learned long ago not to let Daryl prune by himself, you have to stand watch..lol
    I am so glad we don't have dust storms like that :0)

  3. What is it with men and pruning?

  4. Hi Tania,
    We received the rain that came by you - many thanks for sending it our way. :)

    We weren't so quick in getting our washing off the clothes line, but 'twill dry today.

    My husband is banned from using the chainsaw on our trees after he used it on our Apple trees, and they didn't survive - he cut them off two feet above the ground. :P

    Have a wonderful week,
    Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

  5. Oh, so close! A good rain would have been welcome, I'm sure. Do you ever get tornados?


  6. Great set of pics, we've had rain the last few days.
    I do the pruning at our place...LOL
    Love - Jan

  7. Been drizzling here on and off today.A nice 25c...I hope Autumn weather swings by your place real soon :0)
    Pa is NOT to be trusted trimming with a chain saw unsupervised either,lol.
    Men will be boys !

  8. What a great series of pictures. I gasped (at the dust) commiserated over the missed rain (we had three days of dark clouds pass overhead and not a drop last week) and giggled at your DH taking to the jasmine with a chainsaw. (What is it with men and power tools? My DH would do something like that!)

  9. Your description of your husband's pruning excercise made me chuckle. My dear husband and he must be distant relatives as this is EXACTLY what my husband would have done ... LOL!



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