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Thursday, April 22, 2010

This to that

I can't believe I have managed two posts in one day!

I got to and tidied up outside under our shaded area. It was starting to annoy me, looking out my kitchen window and seeing a mess.

I swept up a heap of leaves and dirt that had built up over the last month, moved the boxing bag that never gets used...why do we think we want something and use it for a while and then the novelty wears off and it collects dust? I would like to put this in my rumpus room that was previously used for Family Day Care. I still have a lot of left over stuff, mainly toys out there, so that will be my next job, hopefully I can get started tomorrow. I also moved some of ds's things that had been collecting up in a nice pile.
For a while I have wanted this area closed in so we can set up the old wood-stove that we have out in the shed. I would really love to be using it. Hopefully hubby takes the hint when he sees what I have done to make it look better. The north wind really whistles through here, hot in Summer and cold in Winter so it really needs to be made more comfortable. It is good at the moment because being Autumn there is not much wind about. The weather is still quite warm here with today being 32C (89.6F).
I have moved some of my pot plants that were struggling out the front of the house to under the shade. Along the retaining wall I have tried to grow some herbs. Some have been successful but others have died. I will plant some more soon and hopefully they will grow this time.

Hubby made this little bike for me. I have potted some mint and so far it is still growing.
Some of my plants look a bit sad so hopefully they will soon pick up.
It will now be a lot more pleasant to sit outside with a cuppa.

Wishing you all well,



  1. 32C did you say, i thought our 26C was high enough for Autumn.

    Wonderful to see you have such a large shaded area. We have a nice back deck, but as it is unscreened the flies beat us, and we only sit our there to read occasionally.


  2. You have such a nice area, so shaded and private! Nice any time of year, except for maybe winter. Since we are in the middle of spring here, everything is starting to green up and bloom out. My decks are in need of a good cleaning and sealing. Your area looks good, a job well done!


  3. What a nice patio area. I'm sure you and your family enjoy it quite often.

  4. Looks good after the clean up !That would be a great area to enclose,it would get alot of use then :0)I like the idea of the wood stove sitting there too.We have one we use in the kitchen,but also another very old black cast iron one in the shed.Its in great working order..bought for $50!We've had it for years,just need to build the carport on the front of the shed down the back,I think we will put it there :0)

  5. Hi Tania,
    What an awesome outdoor entertaining area - it would be great closed in, as it would get so much more use!

    Have a wonderful and blessed week,
    Love Jillian ♥

  6. Hi Tania, thanks so much for your recent comment.

    I have faster internet today, it will be a relief. My husband has started to clean up our stair area in the carport.

  7. What a gorgeous patio area....if I had that space it would most def be an added living space


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