Thursday, January 19, 2012


I am supposed to be crocheting a granny square a day as a challenge to myself after reading this post over at Mum's Simple Living Blog. I thought this would help me get my granny square projects (I decided to make rugs) finished that I talked about in a previous post. I have collected my wool together, and found my crochet hook that mysteriously went missing, so no more excuses!


I am starting a new project...

Just a simple knitted square x 20 to make a simple knitted quilt.
Just deciding on colours at the moment...

Oh and I have found a cute little Valentine's bookmark I want to knit up too :)

I am reading this book that I bought for myself as a birthday present back in December...

We had another visit from an unwanted guest!

I think hubby has a thing with shoes, he has a pair of mine on with little diamante's on them lol!

This one was 4ft 9inches and was waiting for me when I went to collect the eggs with my grandson...

We have large pieces of reinforcing rod (like what is found in concrete sleepers) that hubby made up and they hang at different spots around the veranda and yard. This makes it easy to grab one should we encounter a snake...

The attraction in the hen house would be the mice, even though I did find a hollowed out egg shell.

A very venomous brown snake, the third one this season!

Normally the ants do their thing with the carcass, but our neighbour the Goanna decided to have a feast on this snake.

The nectarines are ready again,
have been busy picking some at the end of each day,

and stewing them up for later use.
I stack these in the freezer...

It was 42.6C (108.7F) on this day,
and it produced the most spectacular sunset.

Wishing you all a fantastic day today,



  1. Seems like craftamania has hit hard, but looks so enticing with your colour choices.
    Beautiful sunset

  2. can't wait to see your granny squares all done.

    I wonder how many more friends you will have come visit this summer?

  3. They try to tell us that we shouldn't kill copperheads and rattlesnakes over here (I've never seen one of the latter in the wild anyway), but any I find is dead meat. The non-poisonous snakes I leave alone, unless they insist on hanging out around the house too closely.

  4. good luck with the crocheting - wish i had time for that. sunset are gorgeous!!

  5. Wow, with your heat, it is a wonder you find the energy to do anything, yet you are so busy! Good luck with your next project. I so wish I could get the ambition to lick my laziness and stick with a project past an hour! Last night I looked at blogs and picked up a couple projects, such as learning to sew a baby bonnet. (I need prayers so I can be more of an achiever!) That snack is scarey! We get a snake in our yard once in a while, and my dog barks it to death...until my husband actually kills it with a shovel, if it looks questionable as to our safety. (not being a garden snake). But they are good for getting the cute little mice:)It sounds like your snake population is high! Your nectarines looks wonderful!

  6. Jeepers, I don't envy you with those snakes. I guess it's a locational hazard where you live.
    We have been on our 2.5 acres for nearly 8 years and haven't sighted a snake yet. A few blue tongue lizards give Gus a scare when he is whipper-snipping but no snakes. TG!

    Oh, those sunsets - how beautiful! Such firey colours.

    I keep saying that I hope the hot weather doesn't stay too long for you but ultimately, I guess it does. Stay cool,


  7. Aaagh I don't like that type of friend, am hoping to never have a close encounter of that type, I love snakes but not the venomous type lol.

    I can't wait to see your project!!

  8. What amazing sunsets and a bumper nectarine harvest, I adore the Flinders Ranges but don't envy you in the heat this time of year. I hope those bush fires stay dampened.

  9. That's it I am officially jealous of those nectarines Tania....look at all those containers stacked up, great effort.
    Our bumper crop was ruined by brown rot due to the humidity. Such a shame the nectarines and peaches are my favourite fruit and they were huge this year.

    Not jealous of the brown snake though. We had one in the chook run last weekend. No. 1 was walking to the back orchard and disturbed one that was shedding it's skin, it slithered off between his feet. Don't know who got the biggest fright Rich or the snake!! Haven't seen it since and I don't know if they are territorial or not. I certainly don't want to encounter it again.

    Stunning sunsets, have agreat weekend,

    Claire :}

  10. Amazing sunsets. Wow! Thanks for the photos!

    I love reading about the snakes as long as you are all safe!

    Sft x

  11. Those nectarines look spectacular! I would love a tree like that, although you can keep you snakes. Brown snakes are scary. There seems to be a lot of them around this year. You are doing well to be knitting in the heat, it's a great idea to make short work of a big project to just do a little each day.

  12. great looking book what topics does it cover?
    nectarines look so good yum we have had 25 snakes this season so far


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