Sunday, January 22, 2012

Recipe Time - Banana Cream Caramel Pie

Thank you Sarah for introducing us to this yummy dessert.

This is a favourite in our house at the moment.

Please ignore the fattening factor, I only have a tiny piece, I promise lol!

What you need:

1 pkt of sweet biscuits, crushed (I use Butternut Snap Cookies)

about 150gms of butter, melted

1 - 2 Bananas

1 tin of nestles Top 'n' Fill Caramel

about 250gms of thick cream

2 tblspns icing sugar

a few drops vanilla essence

Chocolate for the topping (I used flake)

What you do:

Combine crushed biscuits and melted butter, then press into 23cm pie plate.

Place in fridge to cool. (I dont do this bit lol)

Slice banana on top of biscuit mix.

Then add the tin caramel

Combine cream, icing sugar and vanilla essence. Beat until thick and stiff.

Top pie with whipped cream and grated chocolate.



  1. Mmmmm looks very decadent indeed!

  2. I have a can of that caramel that I bought by there you go , I know how to use it up...

  3. Oh my this looks so good. :)

  4. Our local bakery does one similar. Theirs is rich and sickly. Tania's is YUMMO. Haven't tried it with ice cream yet....How about a bit dear....

  5. Oh, Tania - how could you! This would have to be my one time favourite dessert - and I never make it because noone likes banana in this household! If its on the menu in a restaurant I would have it!
    I will be printing it off for one of my next 'weekends alone ' naughty time'.

    Thanks for the warning too, about aspartame and artificial sweetners. What brands don't use it in yoghurts? The desserts are a once in a while treat but I do eat yoghurt pretty much daily.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Oh that looks so good. I'm going to have to go get some banana's and caramel tomorrow, I've never used it before. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh yum yum! Perfect for a hot evening!

  8. Ooooh that sounds yummy and so easy

  9. Hmmm, I so should not have read this post Tania........

    Maybe I'll just eat a banana and leave the rest of the ingredients, hehe........

    Claire :}

  10. Sounds delicious! Will try it!

    Sft x

  11. yum yum - very similar to one we make over here called 'banoffie pie' {ie mixture of banana & toffee} we use digestive biscuits & just use plain whipped cream on the top, although some use coffee flavoured cream - always a favourite pud! & surprisingly easy to make!

  12. Sounds yummy, will give this a go. Too bad I can't have any oh well will have to enjoy seeing others eat it.

  13. This is a must make :) Looks so yummy and so easy! Thank you for the recipe Tania.

  14. and to think i promised myself healthy food after coming back from our trip to america last week so i can lose some of the weight i put on over there!!! this will have to be a weekend creation i think and maybe i'll re-start my diet next week.

  15. Wow, this looks quick and easy. I must add this to my collection.

    (a vision splendid )


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