Friday, January 6, 2012

We have a bush fire

The hills in the nearby Flinders Ranges are on fire.

We are safe but a couple of little country towns and farms could be at risk. So far no casualties and hopefully it stays that way. The fire is burning in inaccessible terrain and is being bombarded with water from five water bomber planes.

This photo is from the ABC North and West facebook page

(Mary from Port Germain sent this photo of the fire near Port Augusta.
This photo was taken Thursday night (5/1) from Stirling North).

This was the view from our driveway yesterday...

For more information and pictures see the links below:


  1. Hope everything will be o.k with you guys and your community.

  2. Hope you guys stay safe. Bushfires can be scary things (and something we need to look out for here too).

  3. We have friends on the land at Wilmington so all our thoughts are with them at the moment.

    I hope you stay safe xo

  4. Scary isn't it. Let's hope the CFS can get it under control soon. Keep safe.

  5. Praying that the fires die down quickly. Stay safe.

  6. Gee that photo of billowing smoke is disturbing. Looks so much like what we saw a couple of years back. Thank goodness you don't have quite the same conditions as that day, but be very careful all the same! Do you have a fire plan in place? We had a grass fire not far from our place today as well,but it's controlled at the moment. Bad time of year. I hope everyone stays unaffected and they control it quickly! Thinking of you!

  7. Stay safe and take care.
    Anne xx

  8. That is so scarey. I will pray you are safe. love,andrea

  9. Stay Safe Tania! It may look likes its far but if the wind changes direction it can come pretty quick. Hope they put it out soon. hugs to you all

  10. I was thinking of you when I heard the news, I know how bad fires are after surviving some nasty ones in SA. Thy are scary events to be sure.

    Keep safe:)


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