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Friday, January 4, 2013

Catch up Christmas, garden and heat

The family pic from Christmas Day,
L -R Tania, Phil, Jack, Talia, Kyla and Sarah...

Sarah is the eldest, followed by Kyla, Talia and Jack. 
Funny how the oldest is the shortest and the youngest the tallest :)

And my grandie Blake,

Playing monopoly with Jack...

With Dad and Mum xx

Early Christmas day,
all set up...

Our tree and presents...

 FruChoc cheesecake recipe found here,
Unfortunately FruChocs can only be found in South Australia. They have a fruity filling.

 The garden

Not sure what these pumpkins are but they are only small and taste sweet...

Yummy strawberry


The bushes are loaded, hope I can find a use for them all, ideas welcomed :)

Apple cucumber...

Getting quite a few of these now...

 This is my first ox heart tomato,
not sure about it's shape...

The last of the corn...


 This is a mixed plot consisting of  watermelon, cucumbers, spring onion (see all the young ones?), and a potato plant has popped up too!


Tiny toms...

Rockmelon (cantoloupe)....






 Yesterdays pickings, apricots, apple and burpless cucumbers, capsicums and three dwarf beans...

Yesterday's sunset, after a 46C (114.8F) day!

We are in the midst of a big heatwave, may even break records.
Our days are spent keeping cool...

Have been doing more of this :)

The weather is hot up until next Thursday

Today Friday 46C (114.8F)

Saturday 38C (100.4F)

Sunday 42C (107.6F)

Monday  46C

Tuesday 44C (111.2F)

Wednesday  42C

Thursday 39C (102.2F)

Dont know when we will get some relief yet, just hoping that there are no serious bushfires due to the heat!

The temperature as I write this is 47.2C (116.96F)! I wont be surprised if it reaches 48C...



  1. Your garden is looking good with the heat, I have put umbrellas out in mine to stop some of the sun damage...I think keeping the water up is what saves it all...it wilts through the day and comes good over night....the small pumpkins are Golden Nuggets, I put a few plants in too this year, but wondered when to pick them, are you picking and eating as they look really orange...? I wondered if leaving them on the bush is making the others that are coming smaller...I might pick one and see.........

  2. Oh my goodness...that is hot! Lovely photo of the family!!! So odd to think of Christmas in such heat!

  3. I am amazed that you can tolerate that kind of heat. I am flagging at 36 degrees! Your produce is coping wonderfully too. It seems to be a good year for stone fruit.

  4. Your weather sounds like ours!! Today is a cool 35C and it really is a relief after more than 2 weeks of 40C+'s. Love your pics and well done with growing things in that heat!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  5. I have never felt heat like that. Amazing how hot it gets there. Here in New York we get 100 maybe a few times a summer.

  6. Hi Tania,

    Your garden is producing so well for those hot, hot temps.
    It looks like you all had a very enjoyable Christmas holiday.


  7. First you have such a prolific garden. Love all your bounty. I worked in my plot yesterday. I can grown winter crops here as we are so mild but I do have a couple tomato plants thriving. Sorry about that heat. It is miserable I know. Keep Cool!

  8. Lovely Christmas photos! Your grandie is just too cute...such a boy. The garden looks amazing and I just don't understand how you can handle heat like that! Wow! Stay cool Tania!

  9. Considering how hot it is your garden is going gangbusters. I'm sure you could substitute maltesers for the fruitchocs. It looks yummy I may have to make it. Happy new year to you and your family stay cool

  10. Tania your family is absolutely lovely! Thank you so much for posting pictures of them, and your beautiful gardens. It is so cold and brown here it is so refreshing and cheerful to see the beautiful green of a growing garden. I feel for you in this heat. That is a bit like our last summer. It was unbearable and then we had the most fantastic fall. Makes you shake your head lol Good for you to keep up with the kayaking!!! How fun, and such a wonderful opportunity being so close to the beach :)

  11. Hope your garden handles the heatwave ok because it is looking wonderful. I really liked seeing your family Christmas pictures, thanks for sharing.

  12. That is crazy heat!!!!! You are amazing to be growing it it - hats off to you, Tania!

  13. fyi, I'm back! love,andrea

  14. Hi Tania! I can't remember if I wrote you the other day...if not, i'm back! your gardens are richly blessed! What a wonderful growing season for you! Your Christmas celebrations with your family look great. Keep cool! Looks like you are.

  15. You amaze me Tania the way you keep things going in ths heat your garden looks great.Love your Christmas Piccies to!

  16. Hi Tania,
    What is that in the last photo? A kayak? But it looks too short for a kayak. I love it though.

  17. I really like you garden wish I lived close so that I could enjoy your overflow:)


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