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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hot Weather Breaking Records

(picture sourced via facebook)

This photo was taken outside the local newspaper office in Port Augusta last Friday when the temperature reached 51C (123.8F)

(Picture sourced via facebook)

The records are breaking with a heatwave in Australia.  On Monday the average temperature for the whole of Australia was 40.33C (104.59F)

Where we are located our temperature on Monday reached 49C (120.2F). 
I am loving my weather station :)

The heat has started a lot of bush fires around the country with the worst being in Tasmania...images here

Thankfully we have a bit of a cool change today, but it will be short lived, as tomorrow it starts to heat up again!

So as you can guess there is not much happening around here, just staying cool, and keeping the garden and chickens well watered in this heat.  Surprisingly the garden is doing okay :)



  1. I am so glad to hear your garden is doing okay, it would be heartbreaking if it just frizzled. Down here in the good ol' Southeast, we have 20C today - it's a bit chilly!
    51C is just crazy - you wouldn't be able to breathe the air!

    Our forecast - Thurs 29C Fri 30C Sat 24C Sun 21C Mon 29C - so we are all over the place but thankfully only just reaching the 30's.

    We have also had lots of windy weather which is really tiring and annoying as everything gets covered in dust and is gritty.

    Bring on winter, I say!

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Wow that is hot,we occasionally see 40C. I have been to the desert when it was 45C and it was hard to breathe I cant imagine what 51C would feel like.
    Glad your garden and chooks are alright.
    so sad for all the people in Tasmania that lost their homes.

  3. 45degrees is the hottest I have had when we were in holidaying in North WA... Port Headland..Summer has just begun,,
    So glad you are ok..and your garden :))
    So many families here in Tas lost everything, I worry about the animals..So sad ..

  4. That is amazing I thought your garden would have taken a hammering. Dangerous weather for the elderly too. Stay safe and cool. Thinking of you.

  5. That's far too 'ot! Phew! Stay cool and stay safe ♥

  6. Glad you are coping ok in that heat. We are a little cool in the ACT but sadly there are a number of fires around such as Cooma and Yass that are killing 1000s of live stock. It's very sad for the sheep, many more will need to be destroyed as they are badly burnt :(

  7. Oh my goodness, 51C? The hottest I remember was 46C on black Saturday and that was bad enough.
    Glad to hear your garden is o.k. Keep cool.
    Anne xx

  8. Growing up in S.E. Texas I can certainly relate to those sorts of HOT, HOT, HOT temps. Maybe that's why we drink so much ICED tea in the southern U.S.

    Do you have air conditioning? When I was a girl we did not. Our summer nights were so hot and humid it was difficult to sleep. Something that worked for us was to take a cool bath before bed without drying off & put our pajamas on while still wet from the bath. We would than get into bed under a cotton sheet while a window fan blew across the lower half of the bed. We never wanted the air from the fan blowing across our heads for fear of making us ill. We would be cool enough to fall asleep.

    Glad your garden is faring well.


  9. That is scary hot Tania! The first picture looks like a deserted city with everyone staying indoors I am sure. Try and stay cool and safe!

  10. Oh Tania, I couldn't stand the heat and I am happy to hear you are all safe and sound (including the chickens!)
    With 50 mph winds and 40 degrees F, we are in the rainy season here on the Pacific NW coast. Only wish I could send some to Tasmania!
    Take care and always glad to hear what happens in your corner of the world!

  11. Wow! The highest I ever felt was 113 in Texas. That was bad enough!

  12. That is certainly hot, the highest I ever recall was 42C and that was about 10 years ago.

  13. Haven't the temperatures been ridiculous! 51C takes the cake though. Our thoughts are with everyone in the southern parts of Australia that are experiencing such horrendous conditions (heat and fire). I hope the weather breaks for everyone soon.

    xx Susan

  14. Hi Tania,
    The temps around Australia have been unbelieveable and here in the west is crazy. The wheatbelt district has had 40C+ for weeks now but today is only 32C. There is some cool wind and it apparently will be like that for a few days. February is usually the killer month for heat, so I can wait for that. Up north in West Aus we have bushfires raging and a cyclone brewing!! Fingers crossed.
    Cheers, Anita.

  15. Do people who work outdoors still go to work in such high temp's?

  16. 51C is over the top! Its a wonder that any plant survives that.
    We are expecting a "cool" 39C today here in the Shoalhaven, NSW.

  17. Now, i know who you are! Thanks for visiting my blog and following me and my FB. I think it is so great to hear you are warm when, we are at zero degrees! I am happy tonight. My dad just keeps doing better! Thank so much for praying for him. That is so wonderful1 Glad to make anew friend.

  18. 47.1 is the hottest we have gotten since we have lived here..and that is insane for me a little southern kiw gal ..gasp!

  19. Great to find your blog and thanks for coming to mine. Keep on keepin' on!

  20. are you guys still suffering with that heat?

    Gill in freezing cold Canada


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