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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


After days and days of relentless hot weather, 
here are the results.

No words needed...

 On the upside, there are some plants doing okay
like this Japanese eggplant.  It seems to love this weather.

 Rock melon.

 Watermelon, although some of the leaves are a little crisp.

The promise from the Bureau of Meteorology is that the worst of the heat is over, we shouldn't experience any more such heat this Summer.  No promise of rain though. I cant remember the last time we had a decent rain.  Do I plant some more veggies, that is the question?

Sorry to be so long winded between posts, but my old laptop finally gave up the ghost. I have nice new red one, but the new technology is getting too much for this old girl.  It is taking me ages to work my way around the new programs.

How did your garden fair in the hot weather? Did you get some rain?



  1. Oh I'm sorry! God giveth and God taketh I suppose! Who can fight nature. But, I am surprised you did have a couple veg/fruits do well...although I did know about the melon, which we call cantaloupe. I lived in Texas one year, when we had 113 degrees (F) for 30 days and no rain. My car didn't have air conditioning (and I was pregnant with my first child) and I would just cry when I had to go somewhere in it!

  2. Hi Tania,
    Your photos look alot like mine in the summer time when we had that horrible heat. I feel for you!!!
    Glad it has cooled a wee bit.
    xo Kris

  3. Hi Tania, It's been just as bad here on the so called temperate east Coast. Yesterday, though, we got 18mm, the first rain of any consequence in months. It's overcast today, but no rain. I'm holding off on planting seeds and seedlings for a little while yet..

  4. This was how we were this summer. We just baked (not quite as hot) but over a 100 for weeks and weeks. I finally had to give up on lots of the garden until it cooled off.

  5. So disappointing for you Tania...I can only imagine the heartbreak you feel when you walk around the garden.

    Why not try some late plantings? What have you got to lose?

  6. Hi Tania,
    Bad luck with all that hot weather and the effects on your garden. Hopefully that is the worst of the hot weather for you. Mind you, your garden is still ticking along even though it's experienced all that hot weather. Egg plants look great. Fingers crossed there will be some rain for your area some time soon.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. Hello Tania, So sorry your plants were scorched in this heat wave we are having..
    If it helps , you are not alone, who would have thought Tassie would be burnt... our garden is not fairing well at all this year..:(( But they say rain over the weekend , Well we will see........
    I would plant more, and cover with shade cloth..
    Hoping you are able to keep cooler :))

  8. Such an absolute shame! It has been the exact opposite here as schools were closed today since temperatures reached -50 degrees! The cold will give you frostbite within 5 minutes of being outdoors. I hope the rains come soon for you Tania.

  9. What an absolute shame Tania. We had some damage from last Friday but we got off lightly compared with you. I hope you can replant.

  10. No rain here either, and the hot weather is being very unkind to us all. As for planting more veggies I'm going to wait till winter now

  11. It's a shame to see plants dying, although encouraging that some are thriving, still. That last really hot day we had here seemed to finish off some of mine, although I'll prune them and see if they spring back to life again. We've had cooler weather since, on the east coast, and a bit of rain. All the best.

  12. It can be pretty heartbeaking after all the work put in. My vegie garden looks in a very bad way and the only thing it seems to grow that is not half dead or eaten by snails or cabbage moth, is the silverbeet. But hesitate and it goes to seed. Hoping for rain here too. Hopefully better things will be happening next season Tania.

  13. I have been complaining about the heat, but I can see i am alot better off then you are ...we only reached 43 degrees.My garden looks pretty sizzled , my raspberry leaves look really sad, even after covering the bushes with shade cloth.
    Amazing how after a few cooler days plants do bounce back though.

  14. Poor plants! Although the fact you have some survivors is amazing in itself.
    Rain is in short supply here in Geelong too. Our tank is nearly dry; I'll soon be using mains water to keep the garden alive.

  15. Dear Tania...it is winter here in Kansas. We are still in drought conditions. Our past summer was extremely hot and dry. We have just a small kitchen garden off of our patio and we use pots and planters on our patio for small space veggies, herbs and flowers. Our harvest was very sparse this past summer and fall ... even though we watered regularly. We need natural rain water or a good snowfall. Thank you for visiting my "little space" and for sharing your kind words! Simple Blessings ♥ Teri

  16. Tania this is so hard to see the damage from the heat in your garden. This is what our plants looked like here in the US this past summer. I am glad that even though most plants are having a difficult time you do have at least a few that are still doing well. Maybe a few late plantings will surprise you with a good yield and a bit of cheer? I am glad the worst of the heat is forecast to be behind you. Hugs Amy :)

  17. Oh My! I remember several unbearable summers down in s.e. Texas that scorched our gardens, no matter how much water we gave them. Now that I live in eastern Montana, late and early frosts are what we find ourselves combating.

    Weather - a gardeners best friend OR fiercest foe.


  18. Oh dear, Tania! I only wish I could bottle up all the rain we get here on the Pacific NW coast! Our veggie garden looked just like yours though but entirely due to mildew!
    Hang in there! Prayers (and a rain dance or two) sent your way!

  19. Our weather is all over the place - 34C yesterday then I woke up to rain and high winds this morning, meant to be 20C but is more like 25C. I am glad I only have in 3 pots of tomatoes, the watering would kill me!
    I do hope you get a reprieve from this weather from now on,


  20. Things are looking mighty crispy out there. So sorry. Maybe the plants will manage to come back, if you get a reprieve from the heat. Maybe wishful thinking?

  21. I am not sure what I prefer at the moment, your stinking heat or our stinking cold?

    Hope you get some rain soon,


  22. It is just devastating to see burnt leaves and dried up plants. would putting up some shade cloth help any? My poor Hazelnut tree is not doing so well either, veggie patch is non existing ATM

  23. Hey Tania, plenty of crispy leaves here in my garden maybe not to the same extent as yours. It is sad to see, but hopefully we have seen the worst of the heat.
    Hoping for a drop of rain here in NE Vic.....hard to imagine they are having floods up in Qld.......

    Claire :}


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