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Friday, May 3, 2013

A New Chapter...

Today is another chapter in life's journey

Our teenage son has landed himself an apprenticeship as an electrician and starts on Monday.  All the years, 28 of them, of running children to kindy, school and TAFE will soon come to an end...How the time flies, one minute they are babies, next minute they are all grown up. So proud of all their achievements 


  1. And I bet they are proud of their Mum too.
    I have a few years yet before my youngest will be ready for that next stage but I'm not looking forward to it. Though seeing them become responsible, caring and fun-loving adults is good too.

  2. It's a nice feeling when your hard work, and their pays off and they get a job/settle into something they like. Very satisfying.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. PS, i love comments too.

    My 16 yr old son left school today, Year 9. At first i was very disappointed after 11 yrs of private education (and most of our mortgage) but as an Aspie, it just doesnt work. He has started tutoring and on Monday starts part time work in a restaurant with an offer of an apprenticeship in a few months if all goes well. Cant ask for more than that, now can i.

    Good luck to your son in his career. I have 3 electrical apprentices at my work and they are all doing well.

  4. Congratulations to your son .. I think he would be very excited to start his new job..:))
    He has a great family behind him ..
    hugs pat :))

  5. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations to your son! The rewards will be great and his life will be good.

  6. You had me thinking Tania how fast life goes! Since I had some catching up to do I must quickly add I loved the photo of the pooch waiting for his Mum and your grandson looks so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Just what you'd wanted! Yay! It is such a relief for us parents to see our kids get work/training!

  8. Awww look at those lil boots!


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