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Fifty six year old empty-nester. Wife to one, mum to four and nan to three precious grandies. Living simply is my passion, I enjoy growing food, living healthy and playing with a variety of crafts. I am always up for a bargain and love to op shop for vintage treasures.

Monday, May 27, 2013

On The Home Front



 On the last rounds

Tea cosy for hubby

Beautiful blue skies

New life to an outdoor clock

 Unwanted water bill

Morning sunlight 

 Pretty foggy mornings

I am the pied piper

 Hidden eggs

 Last of the summer garden pickings

 Succulent flowers

Cleaning up outside

Chopping wood

 Saving the sawdust

 Two bags for a friend for smoking fish

 Real cups of tea

Op shop finds



Lots of busyness at our place, what about yours?  

Simple Blessings,


  1. Lots happening in your neck of the woods.
    Can't help but go OMG for your water bill.

    Lovely crochet work with winter coming on the wool gets another airing, and out come the patterns.. :))
    Have a great week..
    hugs pat ..

  2. Oh my you have been busy. I am interested to see what your jerky kit is like. We make South African biltong in a wooden box with a light bulb.

  3. Busy, busy! I loved this post but I am still in shock over that water bill! It resembles our quarterly power bill!


  4. I agree, what's up the the water bill. Yes, it is very close to our power bill and that's just for a quarter and im married to an electrician. Gulp!

  5. You've been busy but I cannot believe your water bill!!!! We don't even pay that in a YEAR! I would just drop dead if I got one like that.

  6. You have been really busy. Hope you were sitting down when you opened the water bill. The sunsets are stunning.

  7. Oh my goodness at that water bill. I cringe when ours are nearly $300. Love your gorgeous chookies!

  8. Love your photos, busy times.

  9. Tania I've been thinking about that bill since you mentioned it: would container gardening work with perhaps shadecloth?

  10. You have been busy! water here in Victoria is going up also. It's the desal plant causing it here. We really need to connect our tank to the house. Great find at the op shop. Love your tea cosy and blankie. Very foggy and cold here making my hands itch to get back into wool projects too.

  11. These cooler months are great for catching up on all of those odd jobs and doing a spot of baking while it isn't too hot!

  12. Tania, that was like a beautiful poem of your daily life. Thankyou.

  13. After all of that.. I'm too tired to comment! :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Ouch! That water bill is something else! Please don't get hurt doing all that work. I agree with you about not wanting to let the garden go.


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