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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Feeling the Love

We met

Twenty Two Years


On 14th May 1991

Copper Rings handcrafted by hubby 

engraved by the jewelers


For this anniversary Hubby went looking for something made of Copper.  This proved to be unsuccessful so he set to and made two copper rings. The idea came from a song written by local singer John O'Dea named "Bit of Copper Pipe", a love song about a ring made from a piece of copper pipe.  Wish I could play it for you but there isn't a clip on YouTube.   I will post another song of John's at the bottom of this post.

I received a lot of love on this special day starting at 9am with a song request on the local ABC Radio. Of course you can guess the song, "Bit of copper pipe" :)

10am A special delivery to my door of the six beautiful roses.

We were meant to go out to lunch, but our plans were waylaid because we had our new solar panels installed (a long story I will tell you about later).

2pm I went to the hairdresser to get a cut.  To my surprise hubby had been in there and prearranged for me to have a good ole pampering. With a new colour and my hair straightened, I came away from there feeling like a new woman :D

I had no idea what hubby was up to.  Have you ever had a lovely surprise that made your day?


Parachilna Sunset by John O'Dea 


  1. What a wonderful man!!! Definitely a keeper and the rings are BEAUTIFUL! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Congratulations to you both..

    What a thoughtful hubby you have :)) Love the idea of the rings, they are beautiful ..
    Hugs pat :))

  3. That is so so romantic. I hope you give him "special cuddles" for going to so much effort. This year is our 20th.

  4. Congratulations. Your husband sounds like a lovely man.

    How did you meet? I'm intrigued now!

  5. What a sweet romance! I love your gorgeous shiny copper rings, beautifully inscribed. He's a keeper!

  6. Nawh! How beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful. Congratulations.

  7. Aw, what a sweet guy! Happy Anniversary!

  8. That is so romantic! The rings are just lovely, how clever is he!!

  9. Such a lovely story. Makes the world seem a much better place.

  10. Such a lovely story, one that makes the world a better place.

  11. Very sweet Tania. Glad you had a lovely day for yours and Phil's anniversary.


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