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Monday, August 26, 2013

For The Love of Horses

We had a visit to my youngest daughter's property on the weekend.  
I needed to pick up some lucerne hay which she sells, and some scrap oaten hay for the garden.

Here is my darling grandson, saying come on Nan come look at the horses J
He is growing up so fast now, nine years old already...

So off we go... 

It was a beautiful sunny day J

 My daughter lives on 21 acres of land with her partner and son.

When she was a teenager, she was introduced to horses...

And so started the addiction.

 From the very small,

up to the big race horses....

I have lost count of how many of these majestic creatures she owns...
Thirty plus I think!

 I worry about the cost of keeping them, dollar bills in one end and manure out the other J

But this is what they love to do...

 Luckily this year has brought lots of rain, and there is plenty of green around J

Oh and we cant forget the faithful dogs that joined us on our walk.

This is Oscar

 and here is Lily. 

These two produce beautiful little puppies.

The race horses have been doing really well.  
Finishing in the top four of their races J

My daughter and son in law train the horses themselves,
and they also train other peoples horses.
Not much time for anything else as 
they both have jobs outside of horses.  
They don't watch television...

Our Son in law is a very good farrier and gets plenty of work around the district...



 Mum and baby,
Dainah and three week old Deliha.

A new little beauty...

Maybe one day she will be galloping around the track...

 Oh sooooo cute  J

I spotted a wild poppy, one more week and Spring is here...

And who could forget the pet goats J

Sandy, a rescued wild goat.

Cheeky girl she is J

and Nanny...

I admire how my daughter loves animals. At times she has had rabbits, mice, cats, birds, racing pigeons, she has even had snakes as pets, to name a few J

She would gladly give any old stray a loving home   J

Are you an animal lover? I know I am.
What pets do you have? 



  1. So nice to see you are back to blogging, Tania. I missed seeing your beautiful photos.

    My husband keeps pigeons...too many pigeons to be honest and you can't get rid of the jolly things as they keep coming back. LOL! We also have three guinea pigs which are lawnmowers! Our lovely old dog died a few years back and we never did replace him but I always had a dog when I was growing up. Perhaps one day I will again.

  2. Those horses will like to get some spring grass soon. Keeping so many ensures that they won't overeat for the most part.
    We have barn cats, a dog, draft horse, two steers and a large spider in the root cellar who hunts bugs for me.

  3. Just THINK of all that fertilizer!

  4. They all look in good condition Tania. Nice bit of green there for the outback!

  5. I love to see the horses behind us and at the farm across the way. We don't have any pets at the moment.

    Great photos.

    Gill in Canada

  6. we live in a set of units that does not allow animals. Sometimes I miss the dog and cat we had, but they do tie you down.

  7. Great to see you back, Tania. Your daughters place looks wonderful. My daughter would clearly fit into Australian society, or at least the horse person part of it. I am emailing her the link to your blog because I know she would like to see the horses, dogs,and the rescued goat!

  8. Lovely photos Tania,
    As much as I admire horses and think they are totally beautiful,I just never got into them. I Grew up on a 5,000 acre farm (my dad was the manager/stockman,but we as children were never involved with the horses, they were either work horses or race horses that used to holiday there and my dad never allowed us to be with them.Same as the work dogs, all work no pets. But I adore animals, we had many dogs, cats, birds, poddy lambs,rabbits,turtles,guinea pigs and much more. Was a wonderful life for kids.Your grandson will be making wonderful memories for the future.

  9. Just popped in here for a quick look. Lovely pictures on your blog.
    I`m also an animal lover. I grew up with rabbits, goats, cats and dogs. I now just have one large tabby cat. He`s a real character and is much loved.


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