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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Around Here

There are signs of Spring, 
nice sunny days with mild temperatures...

Even the quandongs (wild peaches/bush tucker)
are ripening.  These are usually not ready until September.

 They taste good, nice and juicy from all the rain.
 I compare the taste of these to being similar to rhubarb.
Nice when stewed and made into a crumble or pie.

 Getting my daily dose of freshly picked vitamin C

I don't pick our fruit all at once.  I just venture out to the tree and pick as I want or need.  
We are giving a lot of these away as there are too many...

 Picked some more broccoli.


and carrots...

 Time to start thinking about my Spring veggie garden.  I think I will plant early this year so I can avoid planting in the extreme heat we have in January, February. And hopefully save on water J

Teaching my young Grandie to crochet, he did a great job and is now "hooked"  His is the  blue one

 Pretty succulent

Unusual succulent, 
does anyone know what this one is called?

Birds on a wire.

I found lots of nests in our trees,
wont be long and these will hopefully have babies in them.

 And plenty of them!

Cyclamen in flower

Getting around a dozen eggs a day,
including this strange pointy one.

Our girls enjoying all the green.

Cheeky girl in our house yard.

Happy old girl...

The salt lake out back has water.

The view out back...

The native trees are starting to bloom...


 Succulents around the garden are in flower.

Hubby has been cleaning the pool. 
 We need to make a decision about this pool due to the rising water costs.  Whether we keep it to swim in when its hot, or just use it for water storage for use on the garden...

Enjoying the occasional green smoothie...This one had one banana, orange (peeled), mandarin (peeled) apple, pear, a little bit of orange juice and a bit of kale and celery for the green. Whizzed together and YUM!

Some more pretty sunrises 

And equally pretty sunsets...

 What has been happening at your place?  Are you getting ready for the change of seasons?

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend, we are meant to have more rain J



  1. Well Tania, I think the only similarity between your place and mine is the photo of the weeds. LOL! Not really. I do have some broccoli growing and needing to be picked because of the warm weather, the mandarin tree is laden with too much fruit for us, hubby's bromeliads are producing beautiful flowers and I have small kale plants growing which I have no idea what to do with when they are ready to be harvested. Another question for the DTE forum coming up I guess. We do miss you there so call in now and again and say hello won't you!

  2. It's 23 deg here today, so very spring like. Too nice to be inside, I have already mowed the back lawn and will do the front after the lance dance pick-up! Your chookies are gorgeous, and that is one pointy egg!

  3. Tania, you live in a beautiful part of the world.

  4. Tania, Do men crochet in Australia? I think pretty much only women do that here. Except, oddly enough, sailors in the Navy. They do "trim work" on the ships rails on the signal bridge to spruce it up.

    It's great you have a pool. I hope you can keep it to swim in. Everything I see about your place looks like it is a really nice home. The sunsets and sunrises remind me of when I lived in New Mexico. I think you need that kind of terrain to get those views.

    I hope there are no salt water crocodiles in your lake? Ever so often I see on the news that they have gobbled someone up there in Australia.

  5. I can only dream about a garden like yours. I had some petunias planted but the deer ate the tops and the chipmunks made their caverns underneath. Next year I will try planting in pots only. Also, we had three months of rain here with maybe two days of sun. Our "sunny Alberta" title is so wrong! Anyways, it's awesome to peek into your part of the world. Cheers and Happy Weekend!

  6. Gosh I can only dream about a garden like yours. I planted petunias this summer but the deer ate the tops and the chipmunks dug their caverns underneath. Next year I will plant them in pots to see if that works. We also had three months of rain with maybe two days of sun. The Title of "Sunny Alberta" is just not true. Anyways, it is so fun to peek into your corner of the world. Cheers and have a nice weekend!

  7. Tania, it's nice to catch up, it's been too long!
    This post definitively showcases you have a little corner of Paradise!
    The Pacific NW coast had its first rain in over two months but the cooler temperatures keeps our veggie garden from producing anything close to your yields!
    All the best,

  8. Your garden is looking great Tania.

    We had a similar pool prior to extending for Mum then it went "under" the house. Tony's been glad to see the back of it -- chemicals, looking after it, evaporation etc. Of course we live ten minutes walk from the beach so our circumstances are different. Good luck with your decision.

  9. A great update with what is going on in your part of the world and in your garden.

    I'm planning my plantings right now too. Last year I wasn't well enough to do anything much outdoors but this year is different!

  10. Harry, no not many men crochet in Australia, but there are ones that do. And mind you sometimes they are better at it than women :) My grandson was very persistent when asking me over and over again to show him how to "knit" as he calls it :)

    No crocodiles here Harry, we are too far south. They live in the tropics, thank goodness :)

  11. Nice photos, that is an interesting fruit, if it is like rhubarb you will need to sweeten a pie a little bit. I can almost imagine the taste.
    We are in summer here but it is a cool one this year so every thing is green and growing. Starting to plant winter vegetables.

  12. I'm glad there are no crocodiles. Now when I hear they have devoured some poor soul at least I will know it isn't you or one of your family.

    No harm in learning to crochet. It's a good skill to have.

  13. There definite signs if spring here,especially the arrival of twin lambs!
    But the weather is cold and wet so my bones tell me we still have a few weeks of winter to go just yet.
    Lovely photos

  14. Hi Tania, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

    I've never seen a quandong before but we do have the seed thingy that's left. When my son was about 5 his grandfather in Melbourne helped him make a chinese chequer board game using quandongs as the balls. We still have the game and occasionally play it so it brought back lovely memories of James working on the board with his Pop. Might have to do a post on that one come to think of it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia


  15. You could do this with your pool


    It's gardening, chickens, aquaponics, greenhouse... all in one.

  16. All that beautiful garden produce!

    And I love the look of the quandongs. I haven't tasted them - but your description had me wanting to.

    Thank you for your kind words re our pics :-)


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