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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lots of horsie pics - Quorn Gymkana

A couple of weeks ago we went to see our Grandson ride in the Quorn gymkana. 
 Quorn is a pretty little town nestled in the Flinder's Ranges. My eldest and youngest daughters live there.  From here it is approximately a twenty minute drive through the hills.

Gymkana's bring back memories for me as I used to do this when I was younger, and it was so much fun! 

The day was hot with the temperature set to reach 42C (107.6F)! We prepared ourselves well with sunscreen, hat and some shade to sit under to enjoy the show J 

Blake and his horse...

 Getting instructions for the bending race



Blake is still a learner but is doing well.

 And here he is...our handsome boy J

 It was exciting to watch the older riders do their stuff...

My daughter, number 19 waiting for her first ride in nine years.

 Lining up

 She did well but will need a lot more practice J

 Blake needed some help from his Dad in the next race...

Race down and get the pole and return them to the drum...

More big people fun!

Love it!

  Blake with Dad and Mum getting ready for a medley event.

Get in the sack...

and go, go, go!

He joined up with this young cowgirl...
She had to dismount and pick up the billy of water,

Get back on, spilling as little water as possible.
Then gallop back to the start, 
dismount still being careful not to  
spill any...

Then back down to the end, dismount and pick up an apple in her mouth. 
 I remember doing this in my younger days except the apple was in a bucket of water and that was hard to bite into!

Back on with apple in mouth and gallop to finish!

They finished second!

 And Blake couldn't wait to get his prize, some money in an envelope J

A great day was enjoyed by all, and Blake had his grandparents and great grandparents watching which made it extra special J

I love horses and wish that I had one today. Do you like horses?  
I think you either love them or hate them!  



  1. Tania I have never had a horse but they are magnificent animals. Those photos remind me of the Outback town my girl lives in...hot, dry and dusty! It must have been lovely day for you all though.

  2. You folks do some really fun sports. Seems like you are always going off to see some event or other. Most people who have horses here just use them for trail riding, although there is an arena in our county and the younger people do calf roping, barrel riding and similar events in competitions there. Since I am getting a bit long in the tooth, my daughter has been telling me I need a horse because there are lots of good trails on my property and around it. But I don't think I want to have to take care of more animals, I'm about snowed under now. I enjoyed this post a lot. You always have really good pictures.

  3. Hi Tania,

    We sold our last horse 12 years ago when our youngest was born & our #3 was fighting critical medical condition (he survived and made a full recovery - Praise the Lord).
    Our family has recovered financially, and we are once again considering horses. Our youngest constantly asks for one and Mr.B and I miss them.
    It looks like your family had a super fun day!

  4. My daughters would love a horse or a welsh pony but being inexperienced in all areas I have doubts we ever will...but looking at your photos wow!! Love the red earth and dust...nothing more aussie eh?


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