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Friday, November 22, 2013

Out Back in the Veggie Patch

There is a mad rush to the fruit trees by the chooks first thing in the morning when we let them out.  I think they like the dampness under the trees and the little bugs that live there within!

 And the veggies?

They are doing well. 

So far this year it hasn't been too hot, just a day or so then cool again, so the plants are lapping up the conditions. On hot days over 30C (86F) we pull the shade over and leave it off in the cool.
The lettuces are nearly finished, so I have planted some rock melon seedlings in this bed.  They are a bit sad looking but hopefully they will take off.
The wire on top of the bed is to keep the birds off, and I hang old curtains over the seedlings until they are established.

 The capsicums are starting to flower and produce...

 I planted a some watermelon seeds about six weeks ago and finally they have popped up.

 I bought some burpless cucumber seedlings, 
these will come in handy for all the juices we are now drinking :)

 Grosse Lisses

 Sweet Potatoes are going mad in this weather, 
I think I should have planted them in a bigger bed.

Kale is still growing even though it is a winter plant.
We are having this in our mean green juice.


Tiny Toms

Oxhearts are getting very tall.

and  producing well

 Queensland Blue Pumpkin

Qld Blue and Yellow skinned pumpkins


Zucchini's finally taking off, they have been really slow this year.  A bit sluggish like the weather J

Making good use of old baths J

 Left side view...

Right side view...

Six weeks ago I switched to a plant based diet, after watching Fork over Knives 
And boy did that wake me up!

Next I am watching Food Matters
I found there was nowhere to watch this one online so I have bought myself a copy.

I am feeling fantastic with oodles of energy J  

I have removed dairy and meat from my diet as my cholesterol was slightly up in a recent blood test. I am to have another test next month.
My weight has dropped by three kilos (6.61lbs) and my whole body feels better for it.

So with my diet change I figure I need to keep my garden growing. I have problems buying organic produce, because of where we live, so that means I need to grow my own. How lovely it is to go out and pick from my own garden, and to know there are NO pesticides used J

Are you a meat eater or a veggie lover? And do you juice?



  1. I so wish I had a veggie garden like yours, it costs me a small fortune to buy fruit and veg cause I eat so much of it. I am looking forward to all my fruit trees being ready, lots of figs, nectarines and apples this year, probably way to much but I'll try my best to make the most of all the fruit. :)

  2. Your garden is lovely. I too love a good mean green juice. I haven't seen forks over knives so will give that a look.

  3. Hi Tania! My daughter has seen all of those, and read the books. She is a firm believer in eating WHOLE foods, and no processed foods. No hormones, etc. The movie, Forks over Knives was very interesting! Your garden looks fabulous!!!
    xo Kris

  4. Wow your vege garden looks fantastic

  5. Hi Tania, your veggie garden looks great, we have had an extremely dry season up at the farm, and as we arn't there full time yet we decided to plant very little.
    We have healthy rhubarb,have planted New Zealand yams and Jeruselem Artichokes and Potatoes, and that's about it.
    We also eat tons of fruit and vegies, just can't get enough.
    Love all your photos.
    Jane (ouraussieoffgridheaven)

  6. I have been eating less meat for nearly a year now. But I'm the ortifast diet so I'm eating even less now. Lots of veggies. I have lost 8 kilos so far. Our garden needs some love very soon so we can plant the summer crops in.

  7. Look at you, all of those vegetables, I like to see them as we are late fall here and it feels like winter. We eat meat but most of the meals are vegetables that we grow, I know some people that don't eat vegetables, can you imagine that?

  8. Aha, so that is what I can do with my kale....use it in a mean green juice. I am growing it for the first time and am not sure I like it.

    Your garden is looking great as usual. I will be interested in finding out a bit more about Forks Over Knives. I haven't heard about it before.

  9. Tania, my daughter was a vegetarian for years and my son tried it for some months. They both were so thin and spindly that my wife cooked special vegetarian dishes for them, but finally they had to go back to eating some meat. Maybe you should have meatloaf or something just every once in awhile? Myself, I eat all kinds of junk and need to do a lot better, especially with eating green vegetables. I make broccoli and cauliflower and brussel sprouts sometimes but that's about it in the veggie department.

  10. Hi Tania,
    We eat meat, but less than half our American counterparts and much of it is home grown or harvested from the wild. We grow a large garden and eats lots and lots of veggies.
    Your garden is looking great this season. I pray you have an abundant harvest.

  11. I just love looking at your garden! I'm a meat eater but we're trying to eat less but better quality meat if we can and more veg. Next year it's an all out attack on growing loads more veg and fruit!

  12. Hi Tania. I have just discovered your blog via Nanna Chel and am so glad that I did! You have created a wonderful outback garden and I will be checking out the mean green juice cos like Nanna Chel, it's the first time I have grown it and I don't really know what to do with it :)Cheers, Tanya


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