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Monday, November 25, 2013

Waiting for the Train


 Flinder's Ranges

 In the distance I hear the familiar rumble...

Off go the bells...

 This is one of the trains that hubby drives...

4000 ton...


 1796 metres (1 mile) in length...

 On his way home from Broken Hill...

It is going to be a warm one here today 35C (95F).  
Our heat is dry and not humid in this part of Australia.

In case you didn't see the link yesterday Harry, this is what can be found in our area.  Although I don't live in these places this is what surrounds us.  And believe it or not I have not seen most of this yet. Sad I know...
These are our "mountains" 
I hope you are able to view them over there J

This morning we have been for a 4 km walk through the sand hills.  We need to go early to beat the heat and the flies. Saw a couple of kangaroos (I didn't have a camera), and the birds were in fine song.  A lovely start to the day and week ahead J

What do you have planned for the week?



  1. How neat to see the hubster in action with his train. It was a long train for just those engines. I guess he has long hours but it is a good job. Enjoy the warm day, it will be about 15 below freezing here tonight.

  2. Tania you live in the most stunning area. I would love to explore the Flinders ranges more. I was so disappointed that I had to cancel our flight over Wilpennia Pound last time we were on our way to race at the Finke due to our truck breaking down. Maybe next year. Loved the train photos very cool it was your husbands train lol

  3. Tania, hubby must have had a laugh at his wife taking photos of his train passing through.:-) Such great photos though. Even though it is dry you do live in an interesting area. I have never been to that part of Oz but it does look a lot like NW Queensland but perhaps not as dry as it is there at the moment.

  4. How fun to see your husband go by in the train! When I see your surroundings, it reminds me of a movie I saw that took place in Australia. And for the life of me, I cannot recall the name right now. Famous, mini series....oh shoot!!! Anyway, hard to imagine your seasons as opposite of ours too.
    : ) xo Kris

  5. I agree...your Hubby would have been thrilled to give you a wave...how cute is that. Great to take photos of him at work....it gave me a giggle....keeping it real....Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Thank you Tania for these great pictures. When you talk about the area you live in , there is such a genuine love for the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.

  7. I net it made hubby's day to see you. Loved the thumbs up. Your getting the warm weather but I think it's forgotten us here in vic.

  8. Great to see your part of Aus Tania, I can never get enough of it...
    Thanks for stopping by today :))
    hugs pat

  9. Fabulous photos Tania!

    Hot here too now and will be for some time.....

  10. Tania,
    That first video sold me. I could definitely live in a place like that. In fact, if I could just pick up my buildings and all here and set them down in that first video, I would in a heart beat. I absolutely loved the isolation. When I moved here to my mountain 30 years ago, it was a lot like that but there are too many people in the county now.

    Your husband is lucky to have the job he does. When I was a kid I wanted to be either a train engineer or a pilot, and I would up being the latter but there are still times I wish I had gone the train route instead.

    You folks sure have it good there.

  11. For a minute I was worried I wouldn't get to comment. A box popped up, wanted a password, and said "protected."

    I never cease to be impressed with Australia. I've gradually gotten to know folks there from the internet, and am ever amazed.

    I did want to say I'm visiting all the blogs I follow because I'm very excited about my homesteading book being published! I want to tell the whole world! If you have a chance, please do stop by my blog to help me celebrate. :)


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