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Saturday, June 8, 2019

a quiet day

Hello friends,

Not a lot to report about today. Was a slow start to the day as I slept in until 9am! I must have needed it, but when I sleep in I am sluggish for the rest of the day.

Another lovely day here except for we now have cloud cover.  Hopefully it is gone by tomorrow, unless it contains rain, then it can stay as long as it likes.

Hubby is at work until 10pm so I am relaxing in front of the fire watching the Adelaide Crows play. I have just finished tea {vegan veggie stew} and will pop the kettle on for a cuppa and dessert {quandong pie and yoghurt}.

Tomorrow we are going over to my parents again.  Will go early in the morning as hubby is working later in the afternoon, he will be driving the Ghan train to Marla.

I put the old wonky arch back in place. This was removed when the new veggie garden was being built. I made this from the long spindly branches after pruning the fruit trees a couple of years ago. The heart hubby made from a piece of the mesh that surrounded the old flu when we replaced our combustion fire.

This mornings view from my new garden seat...you can see where hubby has been burning scraps of wood.

I added some green matter to the compost bins. Thank you Robyn Louise for telling me about using stinging nettle in the compost. I have a few nettles growing so I will water and make good use of them.

I planted a geranium ivy out near the orange tree.  I want to see if this will spread out like a ground cover.

I dug a big hole and put a couple of shovelfuls of rotted horse poo in to give it a kick start.

I finished moving the bricks to form a ring around the mandarin tree thus continuing to make the pathway wider.

Then I removed the mulch left on the path and put it into the bed around the tree.

I will keep building on this.  I noticed that it was quite damp under the mulch that I removed, so it is a good indicator that it works well to keep moisture in.

The rings I completed yesterday. The inner brick  is where I need to move the rest of the bricks for widening the path.

The bricks on this one need to go in a bit as well...

The same view from my garden seat at sundown. The clouds have moved in...

I found some time today for a bit of craft. Made this pin cushion from off cuts of an old wool blanket. In the background is a wheat heat pad I need to finish. Still deciding on a design to sew on it.

When I finish writing this post I will be continuing on with this crochet blanket. Once again I ran out of wool...pink this time. I wasn't able to match it up perfectly so I have picked the closest colour I could find. In the future I will buy more than one ball of wool so I don't keep getting caught short when deciding to try a new project haha!

Fifteen seconds of bird song at days end...

Enjoy the rest of weekend where ever you are.

See you soon,



  1. You certainly have enough to keep you busy!

  2. You’ve been very busy, and productive.

    That’s a very cute pin cushion. And I love the colors of the blanket. 😊

    1. I like how that pin cushion turned out. I would normally have thrown the scraps away, but not from now on. I will see if I can re-purpose them first.


  3. Love hearing the bird's song where you live. I really enjoy hearing the variety we have around us. I learned/heard a new on this year. It's called a California Towhee. Your blanket is beautiful and I love your view with the cloud cover.
    Mary in SD

    1. I love bird song too Mary. Sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to look for the simple things.

      Thank you for saying hello xxx

    2. Tan, I was finally able to leave a comment; I don't know what I did differently? LOL. Mary


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