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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frugal scouring dishcloth

This post may be a little boring to some people and for this I apologise.

Okay, I know I must have too much time on my hands! Sad isn't it?

I haven't stopped thinking about this little dishcloth since Joanne over at We knit, Sew, Bake and Grow posted about searching for the perfect pot scrubber. I don't know that this one is perfect but it works well and I have thrown it in the washing machine with no ill effects. The picture above was my first effort but I thought I would make the scrubber part smaller and add a little more edging so this dishcloth would have a dual purpose, washing and scrubbing.

What ya need,

Take one empty plastic mesh bag that oranges come in...
Cut the top off the bag...
Remove the plastic thingy at the bottom. These thingy's also make a makeshift scrubber if you are without one, I have used these before when out camping.
Fold the bag thus....
And thus....
And thus...add a couple of pins to hold it firmly in place.
Now using cotton (good to see that 8ply can now be purchased if you are near a spotlight store) all you do is crochet around the outer edges. I decided on three rows. Not hard, see? So long as you can crochet of course.

This is my second attempt.

The weather has been rather pleasant but warm with temperatures around 32C (89.6F). They are promising rain later today so that would be nice to freshen things up.

Today I have the pleasure of going for my mammogram appointment. Not looking forward to that at all. To me it feels something like getting your boobies shut in the fridge door, which I might add I have never done before. That's the unfortunate thing about having breast cancer in the family. Better safe than sorry.

Dad is doing fine at the moment although he is getting tired easily. I think that may have something to do with his medication though.

Another blog I enjoy is the Frugal Family Fun Blog Lots of ideas for the budget conscious. Go take a look, includes lots of craft ideas for children.

Wishing you all a wonderful day,



  1. That looks great, I've got a few of those mesh bags which I've kept, so I'll have a go at that this weekend. Great idea.
    take care

  2. Geez you must have good seals on your fridge.
    Yippee for me I had to have a smear yesterday. Now I won't explain on your blog what I think that feels like.
    Breast cancer is rife in my family so I have had to endure the fridge seal to. I have had genetic testing done now which says I have a 1 in 4 chance in haveing breast cancer.
    By the way think the dish cloth is fab!!

  3. You know what is funny I was thinking about a hand made scrubbing dish cloth as I was scrubbing one of my pots this week. I like your idea very much:)

    I'm glad is doing fine, it may take time for him to adjust to his medication.

    I also have to have regular breast scans with breast cancer in my family. Thank goodness the test is fairly quick, any longer and I would let out a yelp. I feel sorry for the small breasted ladies though.

  4. Hi Tania

    Glad to hear your Dad is doing okay.
    Thanks for the new blog sites to visit, always good to find a newbie to add to the oldies and goodies.
    Love the dish scrubber idea, very natty!
    Haven't had a mammo yet but am due for the old smear test, must get it done and have a bit of a service and checkover before we go on holidays. I seem to have every ache and pain lately.

    Cheerio - Joolz

  5. Going to have a go at the dish cloth as I can crochet but not knit.
    Now girls you arn't making things easy for me as with all that Hubby is going through I've been thinking that I should be responsable and go and get a breast check, but fridge doors......now come on your not helping......lol.

  6. I actually ahve dish cloth envy!
    I cannot kinit or sew and I have seen these sorts of funky cloths particulary on Down to earths blog and I want to be able to make some.
    Hmmm Yep crochet-ing is on the list to learn.
    My sister can very well.
    As for squished boobies...It is important to go for a squashing now and again.
    My Mum dreads it....But it has saved her.

  7. I really, really like your scouring dishcloth!

    I have looked at those plastic nets and thought they must be good for something!

    You found something! It's great!


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