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Saturday, March 7, 2009

We are home again

Dad is going okay for the moment. He has gone home after having a stent put in the artery located in his heart. Lucky my Dad is fit and healthy. He is 74 this year and never even had hospital records or on any medication. That has changed now and he is on 5 different sorts of pills. I think he is having a few side effects that he is not liking too much.

Dad has been to the local doctor and is having regular check ups by him, I am still worried though because this man doesn't know how to take it easy. What did my parents get up to today? They went to check on some sheep on a farm that they care take. Mum had to drive as my Dad is not allowed to for two weeks. He has kittens when Mum drives because she is not a confident driver.

Hopefully all will be well and I thank everyone of you for your kind words, they are truly appreciated and helpful.

We arranged to stay at the AN institute flats at Glenelg. We get a discounted rate as we are members through the railways. The top picture is of the sunset the first night we were there and the one below is of the waves on the rough seas after the cool change had arrived. That night I thought the roof was going to blow off the place we were staying, it was really strong. Our car was covered in salt carried over from the sea overnight.

View from the jetty end of Glenelg.
The building in which we stayed. A really vintage place. The mantel in our room was pure marble, the ceilings were really high and the windows were huge.
There wasn't much time for doing anything as most of the days were spent at the hospital. I have never climbed so many stairs, so many times in my life. I hope I burnt off some fat around my bum. Of course ds wanted to take the stairs everyday. The car parks were mostly full so this meant lots of walking to and from the hospital. I was glad to get home and sleep in my own bed again.

Thank you all again,

x Tania


  1. Hi Tania

    Nice that you are all back home. I hope your Dad can 'learn' to take it easy for a while. There is no stopping those old buggers.

    I am currently sitting on my bed with my two girls - 'catching up', laughing and chatting. Good fun!

    Cheers for now - Joolz

  2. Tania, you are making me homesick lol. Checking on the sheep. Actually my Grandfather and sometimes my cousins did that mostly.

    I remembered that my private rooms were not trouble free, but probably more relaxing than the non private ones I have been in with the kids.

    That is amazing about the salt. I knew it helped make cars rusty, but couldn't work it out.

  3. Tania, I'm so glad that your dad is feeling better. I don't know which is worse. For him to think he's healthy as a horse and continue with his lifestyle or become too afraid to do anything and become an invalid.

    And they thought they worried about "us" when we were young???
    The shoe's on the other foot now...lol!

  4. Glad to hear your Dad is home if still buzzing around the place!
    The photos of your views from glenelg bring back so many memories for me.
    My hubby and I last "real" holiday was there and we walked up that same street and looked out at very similar sunsets...
    Checked out and ate at many of those resturants too.

    Enjoy being back home again though:)

  5. Tania
    Im so glad your dad is home as Joolz said there is no stopping those old buggers. Your poor mum trying to get him to slow down.
    Take care

  6. Hi Tania,

    Glad to hear the news of your Dad. He'll be fine now. He will learn to pace himself and really the best thing for him is to get back to living his normal life. I love my own bed too. Thanks for the visit to my blog.

    Blessings Gail

  7. Hi Tania,
    Glad to hear that your dad is getting better again. His body will get used to the medication. I remember my dad was so grumpy when he first had to take medication for his heart complaint, but now he's used to the medication, and is more amenable. Mind you, my dad never had a sick day in his life, so it must have been pretty hard to take.

    There's nothing like your own bed, is there? I know that when we travel to Adelaide, the thing that I look forward to most of all, on the return trip home is my bed.

    Your dad is one of the lucky ones. Many people don't even make it to hospital to have a stent inserted. God has truly blessed your dad, and you, too. Enjoy the time you have with him.

    I treat the time that I have with my dad as really special, now.

  8. Hi Tania! Glad to hear your father is okay and that your are all home safely. Sometimes with parents they think and we think they are invinsible then it takes something like this to slow them down and take things a lot easier.

    I love my bed too!

  9. Hello Tania
    Well known fact - No bed is as good as your own at home. lol
    Your Dad may not let on but I bet he was a tad worried at certain times over the past week. He'll work things out for himself, find out what feels right for hime and 'maybe' cut back on a few things
    Thanks for the piccies of Glenelg, hoping to come that way over the Anzac Day weekend.
    Take care

  10. Glad you're home safe Tania and glad your dad is doing much better.


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