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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My busy week

I have been very busy clearing out the carport to use for play area for the daycare children, I am nearly done. I have added a small shell sandpit and a few other toys. I will post another picture when it is finished. My car is now in need of a new place to park.

I have decided to move the daycare play area from inside my home to outside in the family/rumpus room/carport. I have been using my spare bedroom for the playroom and it was starting to get to me. If I have family or friends visit I had no where for them to stay. Usually I would have pulled all the toys etc out of the room and put it in the lounge area. Or I would kick my son out of his room to sleep on the lounge, not very comfortable for him. I only have three bedrooms and at times like this I could use four.

I have sort permission from my scheme and they have told me that all I need to do is add a smoke alarm and fire blanket to the room.

The entrance door...

Small table and chairs for littlies. Play dough activity here.
The table with the change area on is actually the pool table and under that is more toys!!

The reading corner
and the dolls house....

Still a work in progress
the ball pit and doll area...

Dress up area...

Most importantly the tea/coffee station
and weather chart...
I will be putting a TV in the corner.

Toys, toys and more toys!!!!
Don't know how I fitted all this inside.

Days of the week...
I am just putting the finishing touches on things now. I have children in care again tomorrow.

I have had some bad news from my friend in Perth. They lost their beloved daughter back in November 08, leaving behind a little toddler boy. It has been a real struggle for them to cope and I am sad that they live so far away. They are waiting to sell their house so they can move back to South Australia, but nothing is happening on the housing front in Perth at the moment.

My phone rang late last night with news that my friends husband has had a pretty bad heart attack. He is only 48. We are hoping he is okay now as he has had the same thing done as my Dad and is now in hospital recovering. Luckily over the last eight weeks he has been on a health kick with exercising and losing some weight. Sadly his heart is broken by the loss of his daughter and the stress of it all has caught up with him.

The weather here is warming up. It will be 37C on Friday. We haven't had much rain but did have a sprinkling yesterday morning that freshened everything up.

Wishing you all a great day,

x Tania


  1. I am sorry to hear about the heart attack Tania.

    I could do with some heat. I had to make a cup of tea to warm up. I believe it will get warmer here at the end of the week too.

    We can't cut wood because of the fire danger I'm guessing. We do have some so will only use it if we have to.

  2. Hi Tania! You have a very good set up for your daycare children. I know I would be happy with playing with all of that :)

    Sorry to hear of your friend loosing their daughter, how tragic and for the father to have a heart attack my heart and prayers go out to them.


  3. Tania, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. and they're in my prayers.

    You're so lucky that you get to set your play area up outside, and I love what you've done with it!
    Unfortunately, I have a permanent-part time child that has to have constant access to the playroom which doubles as his sleeping room when he's here.
    I'm going to double check the photos thugh and see if I can come up with any ideas for my own outdoors area!!

  4. Hello Tania
    What a neat idea to put all the 'stuff' outside for the littlies. will give you that coverted room inside back again. It looks so neat and tidy and there seems to be a place for everything - and everything in its place at the moment lol
    So sad to hear of more bad news from your friend in Perth - it was a distressing time for you all before Christmas and to have this happen now would be even more distressing. Hopefully he will recover quickly and they can go ahead with their relocation plans
    Looking for warmer weather here later in the week
    Take care

  5. Hi Tania

    The new play area looks great - a good idea using the carport so they can be inside under cover but outside also. It looks like a fun and inviting place.

    Sorry to hear your friends are having such a tough time. Broken hearts are hard to mend. I hope he will recover well from the heart surgery.

    hope it doesnt get too hot this weekend. Clipsal is not fun when its stinking hot. Think it's gonna be about 24 on Sunday so should be okay.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Sorry to hear about the struggles your friends are having at the moment - I'm sure you're a great support to them.

    Your day care area is looking fantastic!

    On a lighter note - I've mentioned you for an award over at my blog which I hope you'll accept?


  7. Hi Tania,
    The childcare centre looks excellent.

    I hope that your friend's husband regains his health quickly - 48 is so young to have a heart attack.

    It is always so sad when children die, too.

    I'm looking forward to 37C, as the weather is really cooling down quickly, and our home is cooling down even quicker.

  8. Hi Ma!
    The rumpus room looks great! At least those crazy kids wont be able to make a mess inside anymore. Yay! :)
    ~S. xo

  9. I hope your friend recovers quickly from his 'broken heart'. What sadness!
    Your play room is wonderful. So well thought out, and such a great space for what you need.
    Don't work too hard Tania.
    Marilyn xoxo

  10. I do hope your friend will be alright, this is very very hard. The beginning of this year has been a terribly difficult one for some of us and then with the fires no rain financial etc. Its not easy, but it will be alright. I hope your friend can live near you again. She would be very blessed.

  11. Your new play area looks fantastic Tania. The carport will be a great area to ride trikes and things around no matter what the weather.
    You have so many toys and different areas for the children to play in. I am sure any child that has you as their daycarer is very lucky.

  12. Hi
    Your life is spookyly like mine.
    I am also a mum of 4 and I also do day care from my home
    I must get my smoke alarm and fire extinguisher.
    Maybe we are twins


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