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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More weather pictures

Welcome to Spring in Port Augusta... again...

These pics were taken yesterday afternoon at 2pm... the sky went dark and orange....

It's raining mud...

and more mud!

The force of the rain by the pressing winds...

We lost one of our favourite trees, it is so hard to get trees established here and it is disappointing to lose them... under the tree is a playgym, now no longer usable and a swing set

This is what we found when we arrived home in the foul conditions...

As you can see the roots don't go down very deep...

I have figured out the problem with my photos, thanks to Sarah,
What would I do without you?

More strong winds are here again today and bringing some much needed rain, not as strong as yesterday though.



  1. Our son in Canberra said the sky was orange too.

  2. We woke to an orage glow and what looked like mist, but was actually dust. There is red dust on top of things outside.

  3. Hi Tania,well we are choking on dust all thw way up here now,It blew in around 1pm ! Yuck...Im about 3.5 hrs from Bundy.

  4. Oh now I understand the orange dirt on my car came from your place:)

    The winds have been wild here as well,it is a shame about your tree, they are not so easily replaced.

  5. Oh, poor tree! The drought prevents the deep root growth, doesn't it.
    Lets hope there is some good rain before summer or I shudder to think how dry it will be for you.


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