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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wind, Dirt and Raining mud

Yesterday brought weather like I have not seen before. The dirt was so thick and the wind so strong. An eerie orange sky. Then the rain.....one big downpour and it was raining mud!

I am having trouble loading photos on blogger, does anyone know why and is anyone else having this problem? I was able to upload this small video, but not any photos.

Thank goodness today is a little better although the wind has picked up outside and there is more rain coming.

How's the weather where you are? This year is producing some very strange weather indeed.

Hope you have a good day,



  1. Hi Tania, my husband went to drive somewhere about 9 this morning, his motor was running, but he didn't move. It turned out he was fiddling with his windscreen washers as there was mud on his windscreen.

  2. well it did start out nice but now it is awful out there.

    This morning my car was covered in dirt from the rain yesterday and I didn't have any water left to clean it. Hopefully the rain today will clean the window or else I will have to investigate where to put the water.

  3. Hi Tania

    That is bizarre! You certainly are copping some wierd weather. Hasn't been too bad down here - we missed that storm that went through yesterday - just got lots of rain but no thunder or hail like Adelaide. Our tanks have been overflowing the start of July -I am even washing in all rain water at the moment. Lovely.

    Sorry you;ll have a big clean up to attend to.


  4. Hi Tania,
    I use Photobucket to upload my pictures and then just paste the html link into my blog pictures. This also saves filling Blogger up with photos.

    I have copied the link to Photobucket below.



  5. Thanks Jillian, might give that a try next time.


  6. We're having that here today in the Hunter Valley, NSW. Luckily no rain to turn it into mud - yet!

  7. Dust storm here. How do you clean up after one?
    I am so sorry about your tree. It had survived quite a long time by the look of things.

    We tried your one cup slice too by the way; really good!

  8. Where we live we learn to live with the dirt as it is a regular thing. I sweep up and guaranteed within a couple of days the dirt is all back.

    Our house is pretty well sealed and so long as everything is all shut up the dirt says mostly outside. Hubby said to me this morning "Lucky we had the cover still on the air conditioer otherwise the house would have been a mess." Phew!!

    They are saying the dirt you are getting is from our area. Sorry about that.


  9. Hi Tania - I knew that Sydney had had dust storms, but didn't know that Port Augusta had it bad. Mum said Adelaide had fierce storms, but didn't say it was as bad as I can see from your blog!

    Over here in Dunedin, we've had hail and a fair bit of rain. It sounds like the whole of the southern world is getting the big wet!

    Take care, and stay safe. I guess, at least, once everything settles, you'll have a wonderful bloom of wildflowers :-) I hope!

  10. Would you like it back Tania? I can sweep it up off our floors and send it to you!!!u :)


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