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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas at our place...

Just now my grandson brought a present around for me, he had been visiting at his great grandmother's, and her friend Jenny made the reindeer.
He's a little cutie...
I made these Christmas blocks a few years ago...
Same with Oscar the reindeer...
A bought handmade treasure...
A Christmas quilt...
Our (not so neat) tree...
Christmas bear handmade by me...
There are no presents under the tree because I have yet to buy any...
Tiny knitted stocking...
and Christmas bells...

Handmade stocking...
and gingerbread man...
This was made by my son in 2007 at school...
I have decorated the wood heater this year...
Snowman made by me...
and also a star with a difference...

This ole man was given to me by my dearest friend...
I treasure him...

Little pillows made by me when I used to do the markets...
I need to make another one with "love" on...
some vintage decorations...

Our Nativity set...
the handmade Christmas candle holder on my table...
and I have re-decorated the wreath that hangs on my dusty door...
Santa...Please stop here.
Lastly I have included this picture of our sons rather large lump on his head where he hit the hard concrete last Monday. Taken at the hospital about half an hour after the accident.

He has recovered although we still have to monitor things for a while yet.

If he was wearing a helmet this damaged could have been avoided, it is not compulsory to wear a helmet in South Australia when riding a scooter.

He wasn't actually riding his scooter at the time he fell, he was getting down off a ledge at the new local skate park (that had been open for only three days), and must have slipped. He fell about 1.5 metres (4.5ft) so he was a very lucky boy, it could have been so much worse.

He also had a large lump behind his left ear, plus other bruisings that occurred as he fell.

Tomorrow hubby goes back into hospital for another operation to fix up more lumps that have occurred since his double hernia removal, so he will now be out of action once again for three weeks or more.

Take care,



  1. Oh that looks sore that bump. Luckily it wasn't worse......kids, they think they are invincible (sp?) don't they?

    Gill in Canada

  2. what a time you're having, praying everyone heals up well and quickly!

  3. Glad your boy is ok. What an awful looking bump. I read somewhere that is more serious if there is no bump.

  4. Your decorations look great! Boy that is a huge bump, I hope your son and husband are feeling lots better soon.
    I hope your doing ok, with all the hospital visits you would be feeling a little down yourself. Look after you

  5. Man that's one hell of a bump!!
    It's looking very festive in your house! I have a naked 6ft xmas tree in the middle of the lounge floor that need to be decorated and another tree to go downstairs! I'm meant to be doing that now, But I haven't got off the computer yet!

  6. Oh my god that is one big bump! I hope he's doing ok. Your decorations are just beautiful..

  7. That bump gave me shivers! It's Huge!!!!

    Have a Happy New Year.


  8. Wow, that is a lump! There's no helmet laws here in South Carolina either.

    Lovely Christmas decorations. I had to laugh when I saw them on your wood heater. Ours has been going nonstop for about a month now!

  9. It certainly is looking like Christmas at your place now :0)
    You will be sick of hospitals and hope both your males are better soon.

  10. Hi Tania

    Nice decorations - I am still trying to get there! This morning, I have put the tree up in our bay window but have still got to decorate it tonight! Plus I must make some Christmas cookies tonight too.

    Wow, that is the biggest ;goog; I have ever seen! Yeeouch! Glad he's okay,


  11. Great decorations.....horrible bump! I need to get my nativity set up soon! Have a blessed Christmas.

  12. Goodness that's a goose egg!

  13. It looks like Christmas has come to your house, what a treasure those special decorations are, it's lovely when they have a story behind each one.

    Now my boys have had some eggs on their heads too, but your son's egg is the biggest one I've ever seen. I pray he's feeling better soon and your husband too!

    Take care, we are all in the wars aren't we!!!


  14. Your decorations are beautiful. The bump, very large! The skate parks are scary.

  15. So pleased your boy is doing OK, that lump sure looks sore...will be keeping son and hubby in our prayers...

  16. I had gotten behind on my reading, what with allthe Christmas things going on around her. So I wasn't aware of your son's accident. Oh, my what a fall!!! So glad he is going to be okay! I'm sure he'll have a nasty headache for a while!

    Also, hope the weather turns nice for you. And Merry Christmas! Your decorations are festive!!


  17. That is an awful bump. He is very blessed that it wasn't worse. I hope your husband does well. Your Christmas decorations are beautiful.

  18. He is a lucky boy judging by the size of that sore lump on his head. I love all your different xmas decorations too!


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