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Thursday, December 30, 2010


I am without my laptop at the moment so am posting from my son's computer. I cant post any photos of happenings here as they have all been downloaded onto my laptop :( Hopefully I should have it back up and running next week. I am sure it is sabotage as my hubby broke the power supply cord that I had just replaced recently. Let me say it didn't bounce when it hit the hard slate floor, sparks flew everywhere and that was that!

It is very hot here, has been since Christmas Eve. We got through Christmas day okay so that was a blessing. We still gathered outside with an air conditioner set up for coolness.

Today it is 43C (109.4F). I had to clean a house this morning but only lasted until lunch time. Tomorrow it is going to be a scorcher with 45C (113F), what a day that will be. I will go and do some more house cleaning in the morning and then relax and try to stay cool for the rest of the day.

My poor veggies are looking very droopy. I have been out and placed pots over them for protection. They also have shade cloth draped over them. The boiling hot sun just burns when out in it.

To all my blogging friends caught up in the floods in Queensland, I hope you are all safe. We have friends in Rockhampton that are waiting it out, there is so much water everywhere. I am glad we decided to go up there earlier this year, and we thought it was raining a lot then!

Swim time I think, the pool is waiting...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!



  1. I feel for you! I, too, am without my computer at the moment. It died and may have to be buried, so I am using an old laptop of my husband's. I cannot do much on it, but at least it is something!

  2. That's hot Tania! Take care and keep cool :)

  3. It is getting hot here too and by Saturday will be in the low 40c.....not looking forward to that.

  4. It is starting to heat up here, not as hot as you though. Sorry to hear about your computer, my camera hit the dirt as well, must be time for a new one :)

    Try and keep cool!

  5. Happy New Year Tania! I think we are expecting 36C tomorrow for NYEve but 45C, that's insane! I plan on staying home and keeping cool - partying is not my scene.

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Wow,thats hot!
    We have had our first day of sunshine here in 2 weeks :0)
    Friday,Saturday and Sunday 28-30 degrees,with showers.
    Bugger about the computer...
    Stay cool.

  7. Hi Tania, That is ridiculously hot! I thought 40C was bad for us tomorrow. Take care and keep cool.


  8. happy new year to you too Tania. We went to the pool tonight and Steve and I both jumped in with the children. They loved swimming with us.

    I think we may go again tomorrow morning.

  9. My computer is out of action too, with photos on it as well. There are photos all over the place.

  10. Tania, thinking of you during this hot period, our 37C sounds quite cool!

  11. Happy new year to you too. The hot weather is heading our way, finally! Its supposed to be 40 today although looking outside now I just dont see it happening.

  12. Happy New Year, Tania! I am glad you and your family are safe from the flooding over there.

  13. Seems a lot of us are having trouble with computers. Mine is working today, yesterday it wouldn't turn on. I do need a new one though.

    Hot here too, not that hot though, thank goodness. I hope you have a great year.


  14. Happy New Year to you & your family Tania. Hoping your friends in Rocky are okay & haven't sustained to much damage.One of the things I am trying to do at the moment is sort all the photos on my computer-it's going to be a big job, hope you get your own computer back soon.

  15. Tania,

    Hello there. You visited my blog awhile back, and I am not just getting round to sending you a "hello."

    Well, I am sorry to hear about your computer, ugh. I remember when our modem's power supply died. That was NOT a fun time. I was Internet-less for a few days, ugh!

    109 degrees F? Well, I'm in the states, and it's quite cold and cloudy where I am. You wanna trade for awhile? :)

    Anyway, thanks for following my blog. I'll follow you now too. :)


    -Lady Rose


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