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Monday, December 20, 2010

A gift and other bits...

Hello everyone,

I was lucky enough to win this food net from Enchanted Moments in a giveaway.
Thank you so much Suzanne, it is a lovely gift.
This will be put to good use on Christmas day because I think there will be plenty of flies buzzing around with the heat we are expecting.
I do hope the forecast is wrong.
We are meant to be having Christmas dinner out in the shed at my daughter and son in laws little farm. Their house is only a tiny two bedroom place with not much room, hence why we will be in the shed. Normally Christmas is held here but my daughter wanted to have it at her house this year. I should mention that our son in law is a refrigeration mechanic so he should be able to come up with something to keep us cool, I think he has an old air conditioning unit that can be used. The food will be another issue to keep cool, we will need lots of eskies and ice...

We have had some pretty sunsets lately.
I took these pictures last Thursday night.
This was the view to the south east, and a lovely pink colour.

Then the south west was this, a brilliant orange...
My hydrangea is putting on a good show of flowers this year.
Hurray for our solar panels,

at last we have received a credit on our bill...$12.41cr

We have had the panels about three years and this is our first credit.

In our house I have tried to cut back on things that use electricity .
This is what I have done differently over the past three months:

-Replaced two electric alarm clocks with small ticking alarm clocks.
-Replaced the two rechargeable telephones with the old original one that doesn't use electricity.
-Turned microwave and oven off at power point when not in use.
-Using a battery powered radio.
-No TV on during the day.
-Second fridge turned off.
-ALL power points except for fridge and freezers are turned OFF!

Our last bill was $182.82 so I am very well pleased :)
I am glad to report that hubby and son are both doing well. Things are slowly getting back to normal for ds, he played his first game of soccer last Friday since the accident and managed the whole game with no ill effect. He no longer has headaches, so one would presume he has recovered really well, thank goodness. Only time will tell but so far, so good.

This may be my last post until after Christmas as it is getting a bit hectic here. No 2 daughter is arriving home tomorrow from Melbourne and I have plenty to organise before the big day on Saturday.

I would like to wish all my friends
and I will see you all again soon!



  1. I hope y'all have a most wonderful Christmas. WOW-the temperatures sure get hot down there this time of year. Love the sunset pictures--gorgeous. I'm so glad your husband and son are feeling better.
    We've talked about installing solar panels on our house. That is a substantial y'all have. I'll have to keep talking about it to my husband!! Have a blessed holiday season.

  2. You are very welcome to have the food net Tania, Im so glad you can use it....that is so lovely that you photographed it on your blog.
    Enjoy your beautiful sunsets I am sure there will be plenty coming up in these next hot days to come...x Merry Christmas to you and your family.....Suzanne

  3. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas Tania :0)
    I hope you manage to stay *cool* !
    We will be doing our best to stay cool and dry,lol...I think there will be alot of Christmas lunches and dinners spent in-doors this year.

  4. And a wonderful Christmas to you and yours too ♥

  5. You and I were the lucky ones to win the nets! Mine is also going to get a work out as with this unusual weather we have a tonne of flies and Mozzies!
    The sunsets look lovely,Our weather is like Spring!
    The rain keeps comming and the grass keeps a Growin!

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Tania! I hope you have a nice Christmas Day despite the heat (you may have to douse yourself with the hose though!).

    Cheers - Joolz

  7. Gorgeous photos of the sunsets. Glad to hear your husband and son are well on the mend. Thanks for all your help and very best wishes for a Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope you manage to keep cool!

  8. Hey Tania,

    Well done on winning the giveaway, it is such a nice feeling receiving something in the mail.

    The sunsets look great, we have also had pretty bad heat but are finally getting some rain.

    Hope you have a merry xmas.


  9. Gorgeous photos! Have a fantastic Xmas.

  10. Beautiful sunsets, Tania! merry Christmas!


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