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Friday, December 3, 2010


Does anyone else use one of these?

I am not sure what this little gadget is called, but I have been using it for about two years now.
I came across one while staying at my friends house when she was using hers.
She told me to go to Woolworth's and for about $9.00 I could pick one up too,
which I did the very next day.

If you use oil spray in your cooking as I do, this will save you some money on those oil spray cans. All you do is add oil and pump it with the black lid and wa la you can spray!
We are feeling the heat here at the moment, 37C (98.6F)today.
Another hot day again tomorrow with it being 38C (100.4F).

Really can't complain as we haven't had much hot weather so far this year.

I did decide in my wisdom to plant my seedlings out (that I had grown from seed in egg cartons)a few days ago in the new garden beds.

THAT was a BAD idea...

They are not looking healthy at all!

Definitely not liking this heat...

We have put up shade, mulched, and the soil is moist, but alas it is not going to be enough. So now I will have to wait until it cools down a bit and try again. Next time I will check the weather a bit more carefully before hand!

Have a great weekend everybody,



  1. I love the thingamajig! It is a curse about the seedlings. Last year i planted late and was forever putting up shade and taking it down. Hope you have better luck with the next lot.

  2. Thats what happens when leaving it too late to plant. Our hottest month is January, normally the plants would be well established by now.

  3. Great idea - i hate spray oil cans, and the significant other tends to get a little heavy handed with the 4L tin !
    Sorry about your poor seedlings :(
    We planted late too, feel like I have missed the best part of the growing season.

  4. LOL..well I thought the thingamajig was a whoseywhatsit..so I stand corrected!
    Um,no heat here..just 26c but humid and wet..I guess that doesnt surprise you though :0)
    I think you are hogging Summer down there!

  5. I needed that dose of reality. It's 4 in the morning and I can't sleep because it's so hot and humid....but really it's only about 19 degrees....I've truley become a Tasmanian after all these years! Your poor plants. I do admire your tenacity in that climate.

  6. What a great idea that thingamajig is, I have heard of them before but never seen one. I will have to keep my eye out as I have wanted one for ages..
    We are freezing here at the moment, no summer here, it has been raining since Monday and no sign of it stopping....I love this cooler weather, only it is not good for bussiness..

  7. We are getting the humidity and so much rain!!! Hard to even mow the ever growing grass!
    I buy pump pack oil but one of those thingies would be really good

  8. Those thingamajigs are good :0)
    It is a shame about your seedlings, they might survive....fingers crossed. The weather here is showers and humid (yuk)

  9. Hi, new here!

    I am visting Adelaide this weekend and it will be my first hot summer day (36C), when I go back home, it will be much cooler as we have had SO much rain, it doesn't feel like summer at all. Canberra, and most of the east coast is lush green. A fire hazard later in summer.

    I must have a look for one of those oil sprays as I usually buy the can, but that would make far more sense.

  10. The clouds are coming in this arvo so the day is slightly cooler 28c.
    What a blow for the new plants..:((
    I love the thinamajig. great name for it a must have in this household.
    thanks for sharing :))

  11. Well, I've never seen one but I want one! Funny, but I was thinking about vegetable spray today, when I made poached eggs for breakfast. I like to spray the pan before I add the water for poaching, but was thinking I really didn't like to buy the canned stuff. I need to look around my neck of the woods for one of thoes.

  12. Tania, I made white shadecloths out of calico for my garden for hot days and they reflect back a lot of the heat- they keep it quite a bit cooler underneath.
    It takes a certain kind of person to live in those temperatures each year and I'm afraid I'm not that person. I take my hat off to you.

  13. You know I've been searching for years for something that will work for my olive oil as a spray. You used to be able to buy a pump spray olive oil but they don't sell it any more. I'll have to have a look and see if I can get one here.

    The humidity has been picking up here in the last week, not much fun at all.


  14. I use one of these all the time. Here in the US, one brand is called Mist-O.

    Thanks for following my blog!


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