Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Easy Peasy Citrus Cleaner

A new Trend?

Over at the Down To Earth Forum there is a lot of this going on.

3/4 fill a jar with vinegar,
and add citrus peel.
Leave to brew for 2 - 3 weeks,
bottle and
clean until your hearts content!

What you get is a vinegar cleaner with a lovely citrus smell...

This is my citrus brewing in the laundry window,
(please excuse the dirty window).
I have bottled orange, mandarine, grapefruit and lemon peel.

And put back into bottles when done.
I add some to a squirty bottle and top up with water or vinegar.

I had saved the recipe for doing this a while back from Penniless Parenting, but never tried it until nellymary over at Just like my Nan made posted about it.

Turns out that this is a really good cleaner, I have used it all over my house with great success.
It is very good when used on stainless steel and bathroom tiles, leaves them lovely and shiny.

If you have some citrus fruit, why not give it a try...


  1. What a great idea, I'm going to try this one, thanks for the tip :o)

  2. I've been doing this now for about a month. I LOVE it. I have two spray bottles now that are filled with this. I need to get another glass jar filled up with orange peels and vinegar. I JUST filled the one of the containers with it yesterday believe it or not,,lol. Funny that you would do this post today eh? I am SO loving this..it also looks so pretty in the jars while it sits to be ready for use..love it!!!Love ya girl. ((hugs))

  3. ooooh cheers, i havent come across this before, i have a pile of citrus i can use. thanks

  4. WE will definitely try this bet it smells wonderful.

  5. Will have to try this.

    Thanks again Tania!

    Sft x

  6. Interesting! Will have to give it a try!

  7. I have a jar of this sitting on my kitchen bench right now that is due to be poured into a bottle. I love the way you have a whole row of jars! I mixed oranges and lemons together and it smells fantastic.
    It definitely beats the plain vinegar smell!

  8. I too love your big line up of jars...so colourful too....When you first said you seen it on Penniless Parenting...I thought I was going to find out where I got the idea from...as I can't remember...too long ago..lol.....but I don't recognise her post...but it's sure great to know that someone else does it....the more the merrier I say.....

  9. Sounds wonderful- I'm going to try this.


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