Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Winter Wednesday

Joining with Hazel's Winter Wednesday today...

Warm Bellies and Winter Sunshine

Winter time
is when citrus fruits abound.

I love homemade juice.
I just squeeze them, add some water, some flax seed oil, and psyllium husks for extra fibre.
Give a good stir and drink.

And nice steaming hot porridge.

I like mine like this...

1/3 cup rolled oats,
3/4 cup water/milk,
some sultanas,
1 tspn manuka honey,
1 tspn LSA (linseed, sunflower & almonds crushed)
sprinkle of cinnamon
Cook gently altogether on the stove and serve.

Early Winter sunshine coming in through the window...

I have included some pictures of the leftover vapour of a plane that passed overhead while I was hanging out the washing.
It left an unusual pattern in the sky...
The sun shining on it produced a bit of a rainbow effect...
Don't know if you can see it that well in the pics...

21C here today, building up to 24C on Friday.
I can feel Spring, even though the nights are still frosty...


  1. I squeezed 24 oranges on the weekend and that gave me 2L of juice. I'm so glad I have an electric citrus juicer! ;)

  2. Lovely looking pics and the juice looks could use the skins for the easy household cleaner blogged about today...3/4 jar white vinegar add skins of any citrus,screw top on jar and leave on your windowsill for a couple of weeks,put liquid into a spray bottle, apparently the best cleaner for the home,I am going to try it.

  3. O'h Taynia how hillarious it was you that posted it!!!!!!!!! I just went to find it so I could be fair to the blogger and whalah!!! it was you...well goes to show I remember what I read if not from whence it came lol.

  4. We have been enjoying fresh squeezed orange juice (with a mandarin thrown in for good measure). It sure wakes me up in the morning - some batches can be quite tart on the tongue!

    Lovely pics of the sky too!

  5. 21degrees, you are lucky. Here south of melb we are lucky if we hit the mid teens.
    Hot porrage is my fav in winter.

  6. Hi Tania - I love seeing your post - and remembering Port Augusta, Pirie and Pt Broughton - all the places I used to visit when my Mum and Dad were still alive. Thanks for following my blog - great pictures - can't wait to have some citrus to squeeze myself!
    Greenie x

  7. Great cooking ! Fruit juice is the best thing to snack on anyway!
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    How much of a cook are you?

  8. Lovely pics Tanya, and a great way to start a winter morning, juice and porrage. I've been making cordials with all our citrus - orange, lemon and mandarin.

  9. Hey Tania, can't believe you're getting 21 deg., come to think of it we had 19 deg last Friday, so maybe I can.

    We have a white frost here this morning and a sunny day to follow, not sure about the temp.

    Love your recipe for porridge shall have to try adding the seeds and nuts. I recently purchased Uncle Toby's multigrain oats to try. I was very disappointed as the oats were too finely ground for my liking at it's texture was like glue.
    Love seeing vapour trails across the sky. One Spring morning I counted up to 13?, unbelievable and some of them had done huge loops. We think it was foggy in Melbourne and they were biding their time till they could land.
    Loved having a browse through your blog, have a great day.

    Claire :}

  10. Hi Tanya,my favorite breaky is porridge too your recipe sounds Yum, going to give it a try!!
    Love the photos of the beautiful big blue sky.

  11. Thanks for the recipe.

    Might try it with normal honey as Manuka Honey is sooooooooo expensive in England.

    Great photos.

    Sft x


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