Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thank You Everyone

for all your kind comments.
I want you to know that you have lifted my spirits...

I have been feeling "blah" for a while, something to do with old age I think...

My continuing shoulder problem will be operated on the 16 August 2011, and hopefully that will be a lot better.
Ongoing problems that come with being a woman are driving me crazy, so hoping that will get sorted soon, maybe an operation there too!

I guess there is nothing too serious to worry about, so for now I will try to keep smiling...there are plenty of people worse off than me!


  1. Hi're a marvellous woman, I hope you get those medical issues sorted 'cos they can really bring you down, especially when you're not able to do the things you want to ..or need to, easily. All the best with the op..sending up a prayer now!

  2. Hi Sweetie, I do hope you get to feel "normal" soon.Being a woman is wonderful but some days it seems it would be so much easier being a man lol Prayers and hugs are sent your way.

  3. Age related? Women problems? I hear ya. I hope you feel better soon though and good luck with the shoulder.


  4. Hope you are hanging in there okay and see an improvement soon. It's awful when you don't feel like yourself. Sending hugs xo

  5. Being a woman is just great ain't it....not! I have just turned 41 and finding that things just seem to be starting to go wrong a little at a time. I hope your shoulder op goes well and fixes at least one problem for you. It is great to hear from you again. Keep your chin up and remember you can always complain on here lol, I know I do! There is always someone willing to listen in blogland and I think they all give better advice and provide a better shoulder to cry on than the real life variety half the time!!

  6. There may be others worse off, but still our own pain is very real. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Try and stay positive and relax, the medical problems will get sorted soon and you will feel so much better.

  8. Sending kind thoughts & hugs to you Tania.
    Caroline xo

  9. Tania, so lovely to hear from you but so sad to hear you're not feeling great. Have missed your blogging.

    Seeing special SFT hugs xxx

    Sft x

  10. Hi Tania, sorry to know you are not well, I do hope as the days pass it too will pass.. and you will be your old self again.
    All the best for your op :))
    crochet hugs :))

  11. Tania, I know what your feeling, nothing strips the spirit more than feeling ...older... than we should due to pain, it tampers with our positive thinking and makes us doubt our capability, not to mention making us old birds really ANGRY !!!!
    your not alone lady :o)

  12. I hope your shoulder op goes well and gives permanent relief. It sucks when things start to go wrong. I've been lucky so far with 'women things' but oh, the aches and pains I get!

    As the saying goes - "You know you're old when your back goes out more often than you do!"

    Take it easy, we are all thinking of you.

    - Joolz


I love reading your comments! Through them, I have learnt that there are some truly lovely people out there. Thank you :)