Friday, July 29, 2011

On My Mind

A collection of simple living books...

On my mind today has been concern for
the upcoming recession/depression that may be coming soon, and I want to be prepared if it were to happen.

We have no debt other than a small mortgage.
We have never been believers in credit cards so have not incurred debt with those.
We pay cash for all our purchases, if we dont have the money we go without, it is that simple.

on with the stockpile...
I have a large cupboard to clean out this weekend to store some necessities in.

My list is ready...

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  1. Me thinks you are a very wise lady Tarnyia..

  2. Wise words, Tania. Just last night I looked at my stockpile and thought it would see us through any turmoil that may be coming. Like you, I am self reliant, and books such as those are worth their weigh in gold.

  3. Hmm...makes me think I should really get some sort of stockpile organized. I have "Good old ways" in my book shelf and I've read the $21 challenge from my mum's collection. The condensed milk biscuits, muffins and quick wraps are really good recipes.

  4. I see a couple very familiar-looking titles there!

  5. I have just finished my stock piling over the last few shops...I have double of most things I use regularly, some canned things that would come in handy if I was not able to get to the shops. I am going to start on some freezing of meals soon now that the children are back at school and I can have a few hours of playing around...

  6. I have several of those books as well. Unfortunately we didn't jump off the nonsense train soon enough and were caught badly in this recession in 2009 when my DH was laid off from his job. We are surviving and now have no credit card debt but still have a first (house) and second (10 acres) mortgages and a car payment. We are survivors and have modified our lives drastically for the better.

  7. because I have been unwell we have been living off our stockpile. Now that Im better I need to replenish it. It was great not having to worry about running out of essentials, and hubby was able to handle keeping the milk up for the cups of tea. Mostly!

  8. Tania you read my mind love i'm doing just that cleaning out & re-filling the stock cupboard. have fun :)

  9. This isn't something I have thought about with both DH and I working but I do help out my children, especially the one who has his own house and partner. They need all the help they can get. I always keep my pantry full of food and when I find food items on sale I tend to buy several jars to add to the pantry. It's my just in case pantry!

  10. Yes, Tania, times are uncertain for us in the US as well. We don't have debt either, and just one credit card we pay off each month. With such times looming and being retired baby boomers, we're being careful.

  11. We try to save more than half our income each month towards paying off the mortgage. It pays to live frugally in these uncertain times, well within your means with a contingency in place.

    Your money or your life is an excellent, life changing read.

    We will continue to stockpile as much as we can too.

    Another great post Tania!

    Sft x

  12. Hi Tania,

    Great post as I love to read ... which one would you start with, or did you start with?

  13. Hi Tania
    Great post and very appropriate. Could you do me/us a favour and make a list of those books you show there. There are a couple I recognise but also a couple of others that I can't quite make out the title of lol.
    I would love to get my hands on a few of those. I have been wanting Handmade for a while but now the Good Old Days has caught my eye also.

  14. Sorry should have said Homemade not Handmade brain has gone to sleep already!!

  15. Hi Ourgangof7, if you click on the picture to enlarge, then you can enlarge again by clicking a second time...

    Otherwise here is the list top to bottom: Choosing Eden, Hard times handbook, your money or your life, the $21 dollar challenge, Living the good life, the complete tightwad gazette, America's cheapest family, homemade, back to basics, good old days good old ways, the complete book of self sufficiency, Australian & New Zealand complete self sufficiency handbook.

    Hi Vivienne, I purchased and read the self sufficiency books first, followed by the back to basics one.

  16. Thank you for the list Tania.....sorry I didn't even think of making the picture bigger lol.

    I have searched my local library catalogue and the only book it has is Homemade (the one that I have been trying to decide whether or not to buy for ages lol). Other than that one and Choosing Eden/Money or Your Life which I already have, which of the others have you found most useful
    (I apologise for the questions!!)

  17. Ourgangof7, thats okay ask away :) I do have an email in my profile if you would prefer to ask questions through that, just click on my profile and it should be there.

    I think the book I like the most out of these books would be the back to basics one,tighwad gazette is well known, the good life is good too!

    I like all of them, it is hard to pick...I picked all mine up from ebay, and usually dont like to pay too much. I watch until one comes up cheap enough then grab it lol! You can be lucky sometimes...

    I haven't read the America's cheapest family yet so cant comment on that one.

  18. I would love you to do some reviews on some of your books. It looks like you have a wonderful collection.


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