Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winter Wednesday - Not Quite

Winter appears to have left us.
For the past week temperatures have begun to rise from the low 20's gradually up to 29C (84.2F) today!
It is a typical Spring day outside, with north wind and dirt! Maybe not a good indication of what our Summer will bring.

This is my Winter Wednesday...

Mandarins turned into


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  1. Your marmalade looks lovely, I will be into all that after this weekend.

  2. Tania, can I have your recipe please, I have a tree full that I dont want to go to waste...ta..x

  3. Hi Suzanne, I just did a google search for mandarin marmalade.

    There is an easy recipe here:


  4. hellllp, its 14 degrees here, winter certainly hasnt left me, although cant complain, its not minus something with snow.

  5. Hi Tania..I'm a bit apprehensive in wanting too much warmth here 'cos when it comes it'll be like a flood and I'll be wishing it'd be cooler! I do love a good marmalade, there's nothing like the tangy rind in it.

  6. You know where I live and I must confess, I'm in need of some marmalade! *lol*
    ~S. xo

  7. Wow 29! It is unusually warm here at 20. Very unusual.But nice. Loving the look of that mandarin marmalade.

  8. Ah yes, I remember those SA North winds well..Tassie is also getting a warm spell but it prob won't last. Marmalade looks yummo!!!

  9. Gosh Tania, I'm on the Sunny Coast and we're still getting frosts in the wee hours of the morning. But that's hinterland life for you. Marmalade looks yum! Love to see more current garden piccys if you post them up. Viv

  10. Looks good.
    We lost a lot from the sons tree last year so this year I keep asking...When they are ripe I might try some marmalade too.


  11. I am just loving this weather. Tomorrow it will be cooler though. Today Joseph was out playing with just a t shirt and nappy on.

  12. Well here in England it's 29 degrees and beautiful.

    What wonderful marmalade Tania, Mr Sft's favourite, he's very jealous.

    Sft x

  13. Mmmm marmalade(homemade of coarse) sourdough toast and cup of tea.....perfect!!

  14. Sunshine in a jar Tania, it looks absolutely delicious.

    I'm with Andrea, marmalade, sour dough toast and a cuppa, a meal fit for a King or Queen !

    Claire :}


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