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Monday, August 22, 2011

In the Garden Today

Potatoes in waiting...

I am hoping to use these potatoes to grow my own. I have picked out some with eyes on.

some coriander...

Aloe Vera...


Broccoli seedlings ready to plant...

And some beetroot...


I dont know what I do wrong, but I always have trouble growing mint.

Thyme growing wild...

The dwarf beans that the frosts nearly wiped out...
I have trimmed them back and am pleased to see they are shooting again...

Silver beet getting very big...

Some younger plants are going ahead after some recent rain...

The garlic is looking better now with a bit of warmth and sunshine...

Broccoli is going to seed...
The bok choy has gone to seed, and I have planted some more silver beet in between...

Spring onions, springing into life...

Capsicums are coming along after a prune...

A few Quandongs (bush tucker) changing colour...

I have had some tomato plants passed my way, I am hoping I can resurrect them...

The progress after my surgery has been slow. It has taken me all this time to start to get on the mend. It will have been one week tomorrow. I have had more pain in my shoulder, but today it seems a lot better. I am hoping to get into the garden very soon if I can sneak away from hubby's watchful eye...

The weather is beautiful here, with temperatures in the mid 20's (Celcius) for the rest of this week...


  1. My goodness you are off and running with your garden, it is wonderful :)
    I have to ask, What beans are you growing??

    I am going to try growing mint near the water tank,mainly because we use tank water on our vegies in the summer :)
    thanks for sharing:))

  2. Don't go overdoing it! Even moving about might make you sore.

    How do you intend to grow the potatoes? Underground/mulch or above ground in tyres stacked up? I want to try too as they would be so much better than the things we eat now - probably 12 months old when you get them!
    I think mint needs lots of water and is probably best grown in a pot near a tap where it will get watered frequently. I have a pot out the back and it seems to grow well. Maybe the frosts or dry weather don't suit it up your way (?).
    Anyway, your veggie patch looks better than mine because I don't have one! Lol!

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. Your veg seems to be coming along nicely. Mine seem a bit slow but maybe it's just me being impatient. I suppose when starting from scratch you can't expect miracles overnight. Although it would be nice!
    Good luck with the potatoes!

  4. I hope your shoulder moves a bit better soon for you...this warm weather today was lovely...but now I need to water the garden...everything is droopy...I have mint in my veg bed, I planted it because apparently it is good for deterring insects from things...but now I have it everywhere , be careful where you plant it...or if you have a place along a fence, maybe plant it where it can just go free............

  5. Tania - Take it easy - rather get your shoulder better and then tackle the veggie planting / garden. Just do what you can which wont place any strain on your shoulder. One week may feel like ages, but in the grand scheme of healing, it's not long at all... :)

  6. I second everything Dani said! As for the mint (when you have finished resting) we are in a very dry area too and had trouble growing mint. We had a dripping tap and, rather than get hubby to fix it, I planted mint and vietnamese mint under it. They are both doing well. They died back a little over winter and are coming back now that we've had our first few lovely days!

  7. Your garden looks great for this time of year. I just dug up 11/2 kilos of potatoes from the house garden today. Need to get some more in once the threat of frost has gone.

  8. Looks like you've got a great start on your garden. We are cleaning ours out and ready to plant fall veggies. It has been so hot here this summer that our crop has been sparse.

  9. I haven't caught up with you,(We lost broadband & dial up is sooo slow.)
    Hope shoulder gets better soon! But do rest it - hard I know when things need doing that you want to do.

    Your garden is going well - we have spuds shooting too hope to plant soon. Would love your temp more like spring for us than late winter.

    Love Leanne

  10. Glad to hear your feeling better Tania.

    What amazing produce in your garden.

    What do you plan to do with it when you've harvested.

    Sft x

  11. Your garden projects look great, Tania. I know the mint likes a lot of shade apart from the moist ground, but I wonder where you are whether it probably wouldn't run rampant if you let it free in the ground? I couldn't do that here, but one of my friends who lives elsewhere has it in sandy ground and it hasn't spread wild. The weather where you live sounds beautiful - no wonder you're looking forward to gardening again. Good luck with your shoulder!

  12. Your garden is awesome Tania,,,,if you can manage to grow and keep alive all these veggies living up there then I should be able to manage it down here lol I am going to use you as my veggie garden inspiration if you don't mind!! :)

  13. Hi Tania, hope you recover soon and are enjoying the sunshine! Your plants look fantastic. Munt grows well for me but gets very leggy/woody...is that what you get too?

  14. So many vegies and all looking so healthy too. Hope you aren't being naughty and doing too much though xo

  15. Hi Tania, your gardens looking great and tomatoes to plant already! Sorry to hear your shoulders still sore and know you have had lots of advice but another week of resting can only help.take care.Mints one herb i have had trouble with too,but at the moment i do have a little bit surviving (and growing) under a large parsley plant in a very moist spot.

  16. You've a great vegie garden. With such nice weather, everything will be coming on a treat.
    Mint is such a funny plant I feel. Our daughter grows hers out in the full sun in the ACT... it gets frosted on and everything. I keep mine in the shade out of the frost and only water it when I remember - otherwise it just depends on the rain. Guess there's no hard and fast rules there :D)

  17. It is hard to imagine a world that is no longer growing potatoes but fortunately families the world over are still desiring to know how to grow potatoes for themselves in little plots of land of their own and mostly without chemicals. The only question you need to ask yourself when deciding on how to grow potatoes is, "which type should I grow." The choice is between 'Earlies' and 'Maincrops'. Earlies will provide new potatoes in summer and Maincrop varieties will provide tubers for storage during the winter months. Thank you so much for the share.

  18. All your herbs and veggies look marvelous! We don't have any trouble growing mint here. In fact I keep it in a pot to keep it from spreading over the entire yard.


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