Friday, August 19, 2011

Helicopter tragedy

We awoke this morning to the sad news of a helicopter crash in our region.

Three ABC journalists, have reportedly been killed in the crash.

Lake Eyre is situated about 400kms north of Port Augusta, and is in flood at the moment from all the rain in Queeensland earlier this year. Lake Eyre in flood is a spectacular rare event...some images can be seen here. Otherwise known as the Inland Sea...

Our thoughts and prayers for all the families of the three men involved with this tragic event...

John Bean

Gary Ticehurst



  1. wow, that is tragic. that aside what a beautiful lake

  2. I listen to the ABC all day long as it is the only reception I can get all the way into the hills that I go to each day...I felt so sad for the co workers and more so for their families,we will miss Paul Lockiers reports and the other gents although not so known to me.

  3. Very sad and a great loss Tania


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