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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life's a Beach


 Christmas and New Year celebrations are over for another year.  We didn't have all our family home this time around so it was a pretty quiet Christmas here, and we were asleep well before the New Year arrived last night. We must be getting old...

The day after Christmas we packed up in preparation for a trip to meet up with family for a few days at a nice little coastal town called Arno Bay, South Australia.  We left nice and early on the 27th and arrived by 9.30am. After we found the site for our caravan in the park, we packed some sandwiches for lunch and headed off to a nearby beach for a bit of fishing.

Some of these photos are taken on my mobile phone as my camera is playing up when using one of my lenses.  A new lens is in order I think.

The first beach we went to was near Poverty Bay. 

We stopped at this spot for a look.


Our son playing silly buggers on the edge of a small cliff!

 I asked him to stand near, not ON the edge so I could capture a great picture, but instead he pretends to be falling off, giving this mother a heart attack!

Then off we went down to the beach for some fishing.

 Our son's big catch J

Whilst we didn't catch any fish to speak of, our son in law caught a nice big Mullaway.
Unfortunately he had to put it back as it was five centimetres short of the size limit.
Here is his prize catch J

 The second day we had my parents come down for lunch at the local hotel. We enjoyed a really nice meal, then went for a walk along the boardwalk at Arno Bay. I didn't take any photos, I totally forgot as we where busy chatting. Later that evening we walked to a nearby beach for another try at catching fish...but still nothing J

Early on the third day we went for a drive to Point Gibbon.

It was not a very nice day, so we spent it driving around the area taking in the sights.  The views are stunning!

I had my first drive along a beach, and I am hanging on tight! Not long after this was taken I attempted to climb my first sand hill to get off the beach and I made it, phew!

We found a nice secluded spot to have lunch, and try a bit of fishing, but the wind was far too strong.

  Later in the afternoon we went to another beach on the other side of Arno Bay. We still could not fish because of the wind.
We still had fun!

We did do some fishing off the local jetty but that was unsuccessful too...there is always next time though, and there will definitely be a next time.  We had a blast!

Now we are home and trying to get back into our routine. My energy level is a bit low today, so I will probably not do too much around here. It is also a hot 44C (111F), so a good day for spending inside. It is going to continue to be hot for the next few days too, with 43C (109F) tomorrow and 42C (107F)  on Saturday. A nice warm start to the New Year J


  1. My energy was flat today too! I had a bit of a rest and hopefully will get busy tomorrow!
    The beach and fishing look lovely! We love the coast and Tumby Bay has become a favourite.
    That is hot! Tomorrow we are expecting 42 I think... and that is bad enough. I know we are due to get it and have been quite lucky so far. I will be covering quite a few plants in the garden!
    Stay cool and I hope the new year is wonderful for you. xxx

  2. Your beach/fishing trip looks wonderful. Stay cool in that hot weather.
    Anne xx

  3. Poverty Bay - sounds like a place that I'd fit right in! lol Looks like you had a good time.

  4. Goodness, what a great post and photos to make all our northern friends thoroughly jealous. Gosh, such an Aussie post for New Years. Beautiful coastline, friends and fishing. What better! Happy New Year Tania.

  5. This brings back special memories for me - we used to live in South Australia for 20 years - love 4WDing on the beaches and the lovely dry heat.
    Thanks for sharing all those pictures - Super!

  6. happy new year!
    what stunning views! beautiful coastline there, looks like fun had by all
    that is just a tad hot, try to stay cool!

  7. Looks like a restful break.
    It is wet here. Cool. Very nice indeed. The monsoon has arrived!!

  8. The photos turned out well, Tania. It looked a bit overcast which would have been nice at the beach I imagine especially with the heat you get. I hope your garden is coping better this year. You will have to do a post and let us know. Happy New Year!

  9. beautiful pictures. I was wondering do you find shells on the beach there? They look so clean and beasutiful

  10. Hi there Lisa, There were loads of really smoothe rocks with a few shells as well :)

  11. Lovely, Tania! I love the beach pics, the rocky cliffs and the vivid blue sky! Pity no fish, eh?

    We are off to the beach today to camp overnight - it was just too hot yesterday to leave the house! There was a bad fire not far from town which sent everyone into a panic - horrible strong north wind and 40C temp! Not much cooler today but I dont think the wind will come up like yesterday.
    Looking forward to a icy cold swim!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  12. That's spectacular. All my Australian friends are going to the beach, or going visiting, or camping, and having a great time.

    I am staying home trying not to freeze when I have to go outside.

    Too bad for me the Australian Government wouldn't let me immigrate there when I applied!

    You have it good, Tania.

  13. dear tania,
    your beach trip looks beautiful. i love all the photos from your trip. it looks after a nice place.
    happy new year my friend!!


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