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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Thank goodness for the rain.

 The pots were placed out for a well earned drink...


 Precious water...

 I wont even complain about the mud walked into my house.

I was a feeling a little worried that we seemed to be missing out on the rain that hit our state over the past couple of days. I kept hearing about all the places that had received a very good dose of rain, the best in thirty to forty years.

Then at about four o'clock yesterday afternoon the heavens opened and we received what we had been praying for.  Not too much, but just enough (170pts, 42.5mm).   Everything feels alive again.

Did you receive rain? I hope so J


  1. Tania, I am so pleased that you got some rain. I was wondering if you were. After months of dry weather it is such a blessing, isn't it?

    It was very dry here in SE Qld before we had days of rain while I was away up north. Everything looks refreshed and I am still sorting through the jungle out the back. LOL!

  2. No rain here, -5C at the moment so all of the moisture is frozen. Looks so nice to see your summer rain.

  3. I'm glad you got your needed rain! We sometimes can get tired of too much of it, but too little is just as bad.

  4. Still no rain and none predicted on our 10 day long term forecast :(

  5. It seems to be coming and going around Melbourne. You know how it is, 4 seasons in one day. Still its a nice soft rain that soaks in. The garden is drinking it all up.

  6. I have been watching this weather pattern develop and wondered if it had hit you yet - lovely.

  7. Tania I think we have had about an inch all up in the last days. Tomorrow is going to be warm again than then possibly more rain Mon/Tues. Well I hope so...
    I will put my indoor plants out too as you have. Nothing seems to refresh things as well as rain, no hand watering is the same.
    I am glad you got this and hope you will still get some more.
    The farm got some too and the hills of course which put out the fires. So very good fro us all! xxx

  8. Hi Tania,

    I've been away from blogging for a while & it has been lovely to stop by and catch up.
    It appears you and yours had a terrific time at the beach and your weather is very toasty warm.
    I am glad you all received the much needed rain.
    We are approaching our coldest time of year on the Montana prairie. Yesterday our high temp. was 4 below zero (-20 Celsius) combined with 28 mph winds, our wind chill was 27 below zero (-32 Celsius). So glad we experience this extreme cold for only a few weeks each year.

  9. Nothing but bitter cold and wind here right now. We are supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow, followed by rain showers.

    I'm glad you got some rain there.

  10. so glad you got much needed rain!
    we got a few inches here & wish i had extra tanks, tubs, barrels, etc to store it all in. been mowing ever since it has stopped :))
    hope you're having a great weekend


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