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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Veggie Garden Update

The good news is that my veggie garden is doing great!

I think it may be because of the cool weather and rain. We are yet to have our normal scorching hot days that we have come to expect at this time of year.  I guess that is still coming...

I have adjusted the shade cloth to hang higher over the veggies.

 It's a jungle under there.

 Pumpkins galore!


Capsicum plants in there somewhere.

 Potatoes, beetroot, spring onions.

 Tiny tomatoes.


Kale and sweet potatoes.

Rock melon.

Rock melon climbing


Straggly looking tomatoes, still producing though.

 It is looking very lush at the moment.
Zucchini plants in the front of photo.

More pumpkins climbing.

The rhubarb is doing so well this year, I am picking more than I can handle.

How is your garden looking this time of year?
And has the weather been different from other years?


  1. As always I love looking at your garden! I can never imagine having to shade mine though! maybe to keep the rain off.
    They've just started showing River Cottage Australia on our TV and although his climate is very different to yours (and mine) it's still really interesting.
    I never really thought about it but I guess there are lots of properties that aren't on mains water over there? Over here that would be pretty rare. The show is great and it just makes me love the ozzys even more! Your garden looks so lush considering the heat you must be really proud.

  2. How much green can you have in one post. Im sure without your shading, the garden wouldnt be in such great nic. Im still waiting for the week of 40+ as well. Fingers crossed im well prepared.

  3. your garden is looking great! jungle it is too! mine has gone to the wayside a bit with the severe humidity boiling everything under the ground. pumpkins seem to be growing good here too, though it's all flowers no fruit yet. need to put more in but just don't know what as a few things never came up which i get quite down about but am still eager to keep trying. silverbeet i eat a lot of has not coped well at all with the humidity. we are having a wetter than usual season here too. flowers are all doing well though i do need to cull the cosmos!

  4. Our veggie garden is the same...cool weather after the bushfires...we built a shade frame but have had to put the cloth up although maybe Feb will bring SA's notorious heatwaves. Our orchard is also doing well

  5. Your garden is certainly doing well this summer, Tania. I remember how disappointed you were with it last year. Our weather is fairly normal apart from the humidity this year. We have had a couple of really hot days and then it cools down to the twenties again.

  6. Your plants are looking real good. You are getting a handle on the hot weather and how to deal with it. My garden has been too wet to clear off for spring planting and is -5C at the moment, I guess I can work on it while the ground is frozen as I don't like to compact the mud. The cold doesn't seem to have any effect on the bugs as they start appearing on return of spring.

  7. Tania it looks like you have a personal market garden! I am amazed how much its grown. The milder weather has been handy thats for sure.
    It is just wonderful what you have and how huge everything is! Its the best vegie garden I have ever seen I think!

  8. It's locking lush. A lot of people in the UK gruw those same veg for autumn harvest. I cannot. I don't know why but I fail. So my garden is flowering and lawn, and hens of course. Oh plus a garden gnome:) how will you store it all. It looks like it will harvest all at the same time. In your larder no doubt:)

  9. It's so good to see all that green!

    We're still in the heart of winter here, so right now I'm in the process of ordering in seeds.

  10. Your garden is looking great in comparison to what I saw of it last year. Congrats!
    Is the Rock melon the same as Cantaloupe in the USA?

    My garden is resting...winter is still here. Although I am in the planning stages of our garden.

  11. Looking awesome Tania, I have green fingers envy! lol. I love your shade idea :) Ruth x

  12. wow, you'll have to set up a market stand to sell the excess! It all looks so lush and abundant. I hope the hot weather stays away so it can all come to fruitian...

  13. Looks so good, you have done a great job with the shade cloth what a differece it's made...My vege garden is all weeds as we had 80mls in 2 weeks while we were away...Lots of work ahead.

  14. Your garden looks lovely Tania. I'm sure you'll get many frugal meas from it.

  15. Oh my goodness. What a garden you have with all that beautiful produce. Those rock melons are going to taste amazing. How long have you had sweet potatoes growing and are they hard to grow? Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
    Anne xx

  16. Anne, Sweet potatoes are very easy to grow. I have been growing them about three years. Ours come up by themselves every year and it only takes a twig of the vine to start growing, or just a sweet potato. It is almost like a weed now lol!


  17. Your garden is looking fantastic! So green, healthy and productive. Looks like the shade covers have made an amazing difference. We have had a few very hot days in the mid forties a couple of weeks ago and are now having the same again this week. No rain here for months now, it's great to see your garden so lush!

  18. Wow, the veggie garden looks great, it's certainly been a bumper crop year here too. I freeze my rhubarb, cut the stalks into shorter lengths, chuck them in a bag then put them in the freezer.

  19. Hi Tania, long time no blogging by me, I have had a crazy few months.Your garden looks amazing, I am soo envious, hopefully we will have something by next season.We finally moved to our farm full time 3 weeks ago.Love all your shaded areas, I think we will have to do that over some gardens to.
    Looking forward to following your blog a little closer, when we get our internet sorted here,
    Take care,tania

  20. Fantastic setup Tania and what an abundant summer you are having! Your soil must be well nourished. cheers Wendy

  21. Fantastic work Tania! I can only imagine the time and effort you've spent to yield such a gorgeous plot. Awesome!

  22. Your garden is really amazing. They should have used it as a set in that movie about the Australian Outback after a societal collapse because it sure looks like an excellent renewable supply of food for the family!

  23. Your garden is an inspiration!!!! Thank you for joining Flora. x

  24. Your garden looks incredible. What an inspiration you are.

  25. Tania your garden is thriving and the shade cloth is a great idea for your climate to get the most out of your garden. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  26. Hi Tania,
    I came to you via The Old Dairy. I love your vegie garden - I didn't know how prolific it could be in your climate. I'm looking forward to reading back over your older posts. Best wishes. Barb

  27. Hi Tania;
    This is the first time I have seen your blog and I had to join right
    away! Love your recipes and wow, your garden is amazing! I never heard of having to shade your garden. I live in the US, northern Ohio and it is around 0 F today with several feet of snow. I can't imagine such heat, but than again you probably can't imagine such cold. Hugs, Nana


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